Why You Should Date A Woman Who’s Used To Depending Only On Herself

Some women are so codependent when they’re in a relationship, they’re like parasites — constantly draining his time, money, and energy and unable to survive on their own. But dating a woman who depends only on herself? That’s a totally different story.

She’s capable of having a mature relationship. Jealous and crazy types are the worst, but a woman who’s used to depending only on herself doesn’t have time for the drama. Rather than worrying about that Rachael girl you work with (who’s obviously into you) she’s focused on more important things, like whether or not she’s got time to even see you this weekend since she’s starting on a big project for work.

She’s always down to go halvsies on dinner. She’s always had to buy her own food, so why should a relationship change that? Paying for a date is a nice gesture once in a while, but she enjoys paying for her half. She won’t make you foot the bill every time because she knows you work hard for your money too, and relationships are 50/50.

She doesn’t want to play games. She knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to ask for it. She’s all or nothing, and doesn’t like to waste time on people who aren’t sure they want the same things as her.

She’s straightforward, sometimes to a fault. Being so blunt can be a turnoff to some guys, but she believes it’s better to be honest about something that’s bothering her than let resentment build over time. She can come off as aggressive or harsh, but who doesn’t love a woman who’s a little bit feisty?

She knows how to take care of herself. She’s an adult, and she acts like it. She’s used to big girl responsibilities like cleaning up after dinner, taking the car in for routine maintenance, and weekly trips to the grocery store. You won’t have to babysit her or remind her she has a dentist appointment next Thursday; she knows how to get stuff done.

She understands the need for alone time. She’s an advocate for personal space, and she won’t be upset if you tell her you need a night off just to hang with the guys. Her alone time keeps her balanced. Plus, do you really want to be that guy whose girlfriend begs to come to poker night? I don’t think so.

She’s a self motivator. Her dreams are attainable goals, and she is working her ass off to reach them. Being with a woman who goes after what she wants is inspiring, and frankly, pretty sexy. Watching her succeed also motivates you to follow your dreams, and a couple who is passionate about their dreams (and each other) is unstoppable.

She isn’t a serial dater. She’s used to doing everything on her own, so if she’s dating you, it isn’t because she needs you, it’s because she wants you. What’s better than being with someone who wants you for who you are and not what you can do for her? Answer: Nothing. Having someone who can take care of her is nice, but she doesn’t need it. All she wants is your time.

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