Dating A Gemini Man: 11 Things You Should Know

Dating a Gemini man? This charismatic sign, born between May 21 and June 21, is known for his dual personality and undeniable intelligence. There are a few things you should know about a Gemini man before you date him. Check them out below!

He can change around other people. Gemini men love to be the center of attention. They are naturally charismatic and often command the attention when in a group of people. In other words, they’re natural show-offs, and also tend to enjoy the validation they get from other people’s approval. So you might find that the Gemini man you’re dating tends to change when he’s in a group. His personality might adapt into more of a show pony when he’s in a big group. That’s why it’s important to make lots of one-on-one time so you can get to know the real him.

He can seem a bit forward. Gemini men are often extroverted and outgoing. They’re not shy about stating their wants and asking for things. Subtlety is not their strong point! If you are a quieter person, you might find a Gemini men to be too forward or bold. Often, they don’t realize that they’ve said something out of line. On the flip side, Gemini men aren’t overly sensitive when it comes to absorbing comments themselves. So you don’t have to feel like you’re walking on egg shells around him.

He likes to wear the pants. Gemini men are natural leaders. In the context of a relationship, they usually like to call the shots. This stems from their aversion to people telling them what to do. They like to be in charge of their own lives, even when they’re in a relationship. A Gemini partner will probably end up walking all over someone who can’t hold their own next to dominant personalities. At the same time, someone who is also dominant is likely to clash with him.

He hates nagging. Nagging is not the way to get through to a Gemini man. He will appreciate when you state your needs. But he’ll grow tired of you saying the same thing again and again. Especially if he feels he has responded to you properly already. Gemini men also have quick attention spans so he gets tired and bored of nagging super quickly.

He’s smart and intuitive. Gemini is one of the most intelligent signs in the zodiac. While he’s not sensitive, he is intuitive and often knows exactly what’s going on. It’s hard to lie to a Gemini or play mind games with him because, nine times out of ten, he’ll figure out exactly what’s going on. Not that you should be playing those games anyway, but this is one sign with whom you probably won’t get away with it.

More things to now about dating a Gemini man

His friends are important to him. Gemini is one of the most social signs in the zodiac. Whether or not he’s in a relationship, his friends are important to him. He regularly needs to socialize with lots of different people. While you don’t have to have a large circle of friends yourself, it’s not a good idea to try and stop Gemini men from seeing their friends. This is likely to lead to resentment. Don’t be surprised (or worried) if your Gemini man also has a few female friends.

He might flirt with others. As Gemini men are charming, show-offs, and social butterflies, they’re no strangers to flirting. Even after they get into relationships, they often don’t see a problem with harmlessly flirting with other people. They like to keep life fun and exciting, and if they feel the urge to flirt, they want to be free to do so.

He wants to know what’s happening. When things happen in your life, don’t leave your Gemini man out in the cold. Try to include him in what’s going on and fill him in on anything he might have missed. This sign tends to have major FOMO and wants to feel included. He wants to know what’s happening and, if possible, jump in himself. You obviously are allowed to keep some things just for you. But whatever boundaries you set, make them clear and explain them to your Gemini man, or he might feel left out.

He can be very forgiving. One of the best traits of Gemini men is that they’re very forgiving. While they are dominant personalities and won’t be pushed around, they do have big hearts. They’re intelligent enough to have realistic expectations of people. Generally, they won’t expect you to be perfect or not make mistakes. Instead, they are open-minded, tolerant, and forgiving.

He likes to take care of the person he loves. Because Gemini men need constant stimulation and can get bored easily, they sometimes seem cold and insensitive. They would often rather hit the town with you than stay in and cuddle on the couch. But they do really care about the people they love and love to take care of them. If you’re dating a Gemini man and you mean a lot to him, he will do whatever he can to please you.

He needs to commit on his own terms. Gemini men value their freedom. While they will commit to the right relationship, they need to do this in their own time. If you rush him into committing to you, he may feel like you’re stealing his freedom from him. That might lead to resentment, or even to him becoming defensive and not wanting to commit at all.

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