Dating A Leo Woman: 11 Things You Should Know

A Leo woman is a natural-born superstar. She’s confident, generous, warm, and loving, and the people around her are drawn to her like flies to honey. She’s fierce, loyal, and complex, so don’t expect to have her figured out overnight. Here’s what you should know about a Leo woman before you date one.

She is attracted to strength. Leo women are among the strongest in the zodiac. They are lionesses, after all! So naturally, they are attracted to partners who are also strong. Most Leo women want a partner who is physically strong but also mentally strong and able to hold the fort during tough times. Just as they expect their partners to hold them down, they’ll also be there to hold their significant others down.

She will always be loyal. While Leo women can be flirtatious when they’re in the mood, they are known for their loyalty. This sign is honest and genuine and her morals are too strong to lead her down the road of infidelity under normal circumstances. Not only does she stay faithful to her partner, but she also sticks up for her significant other even when they’re not around to appreciate it.

Her generosity knows no bounds. With hearts of gold, Leo women are also incredibly generous. She’ll open up her home and her pockets when her loved ones are in need. And she won’t think twice about splurging on her significant other and making them feel really spoiled. Saving money isn’t her top priority, and tends to fall lower on her list than impressing her loved ones with generous gifts.

She is always right. One thing to know about a Leo woman is that she’s always, always right. There’s no point in persisting in an argument with this sign because you won’t win. She gets so caught up in her emotion during a debate that she can’t always see reason. She will never admit that she’s wrong, even if she knows she is. At least, until the heat of the moment has passed. She’s known to lose her temper, but then she tends to feel guilty afterward.

She is confident and charismatic. Leo women are naturally confident. And as a result, people are drawn to them. They display a charisma that makes them instantly popular. Even when Leo women have insecurities or don’t feel confident, they still carry themselves as if they are confident. Her mannerisms and aura scream confidence, even if she’s not feeling so hot.

She can be pretentious. Sometimes Leo women can be a little pretentious. Their popularity can get to their heads, and they occasionally cross the line from confidence to cockiness. But they also care deeply for their loved ones and don’t like those around them to feel insecure. In fact, they can be great motivators that inspire the people in their life to achieve their best.

More things you should know about dating a Leo woman

She commands the attention of the room. Leo is the type of woman who walks into a room and makes everyone stare. People are just naturally drawn to her energy, whether she’s in a ball gown or a tracksuit. She’s the kind of person you don’t forget. Some would even describe her as the life of the party. This is why Leo women tend to do well in show business and are natural celebrities. They’re comfortable performing in front of others, even if that’s just through living life.

She makes friends easily and values her friendships. While Leo women make great lovers, they also make fantastic friends. Her friendships mean a lot to her, so she’s not the best partner for someone who can’t handle their significant other having a lot of friends. She is always making new friends and also manages to keep up with her old ones. Put simply, she needs more in her life than just a relationship, and won’t respond well to those who try to stop her from seeing her friends.

She is romantic and loves compliments. Leo women are strong and independent, but they’re also romantic and love to hear words of affection. This is the kind of sign who thrives off hearing how loved and lovable she is. She loves a compliment and loves to hear reassurance of her partner’s feelings for her. That desire to hear her partner’s feelings never goes away, so remember to keep telling her how you feel even as your relationship advances.

She needs to feel appreciated. Along with hearing that she is loved, a Leo woman likes to feel that she is appreciated. She goes to a lot of effort for her partner and never hesitates to put herself out there. She doesn’t ask for anything in return—just a simple thank you. Never forget to thank her for what she does and let her know how much you appreciate her presence in your life.

She is ambitious. Finally, expect your Leo woman to have goals and concrete plans to reach them. They are typically called to the spotlight, whether that’s in show business or through starring roles in other careers, like CEO, head chef, or key speaker. This is not the best sign for people who feel jealous of partners who work a lot. Leo women also aren’t well-suited to men who can’t handle successful and determined women.

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