Dating Always Sucks But Here’s Why It Totally Blows In Winter

You dream of having a sexy BF with whom you can Netflix and chill during winter, but most of the time, dating as a single woman in the cold months is about stress, not snuggle time. Here are 13 reasons why.

  1. You want to stay where it’s warm! The idea of getting out of bed and actually leaving your apartment is horrible. It feels like someone’s asked you to climb Everest in your undies. It ain’t happening!
  2. You’re sick and tired—literally. The idea of snuggling up with someone is sexy, but the reality of the season is that colds and flu are going around faster than unsolicited dick pics. That means feeling tired AF and having a red, runny nose the whole time, along with a nasal voice. And it’s all thanks to the guy you’ve sort of been dating who had the sniffles. Ugh.
  3. When you finally go on a date, your hope hits a wall of ice. You eventually pluck up the courage to get dressed up and head to the restaurant nearby to meet a guy off Tinder. Who knows? He might be delicious. Or not. He turns out to be the crappiest guy ever. You left your space heater and warm pizza for this? Oh hell no!
  4. You want to live in pajamas. And why not? They’re so comfy, they expand nicely when you eat too much comfort food without asking any questions, and you don’t GAF what you look like in them. Problem is you can’t feel comfortable wearing them around a new guy, no matter how much self-confidence you have.
  5. Your winter clothes never feel sexy. You look amazing in your stylish winter getup, but you can’t show much skin because it’s too damn cold. Besides, turtlenecks might look nice but they don’t exactly scream “come back to my apartment for a hot pocket.”
  6. You’re depressed as hell. The cold can really mess with your mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing and more than just a case of the blues. Who the hell has the energy to deal with that and try go on a date? Ugh.
  7. Fun date ideas have curled up in the snow and died. You can’t invite that sexy guy you met at the gym weeks ago to a rooftop party or early-morning walk because you’ll risk frostbite. As for those adventure winter date ideas, they take too much energy. Snowboarding and skiing? Um, maybe not.
  8. Movie marathons? They’re also a no go. You could always invite the cute guy you’ve been getting to know to your place for a movie marathon, but that’s something you should do when you’ve been dating for a while. Otherwise, it’s just awkward AF to sit there on the sofa and not have much to say. Plus, he’ll probably veto all your romcom choices. Same goes for Gilmore Girls.
  9. You worry he’s just after hot sex. The guy who’s so keen to go out with you on another date might just want a warm bed to fall into at the end of the day. Ugh. And it’s not just your imagination. A study published in The Psychology of Human Sexuality found that men were more turned on when they looked at photographs of women’s bodies during the winter months when compared to summer. WTF?
  10. Your lack of shaving is a constant source of stress. Who the hell wants to shave during winter? It’s cold AF and when you shower you want to step out of there and get into warm woolly clothing ASAP. But the problem with dating during winter is that your hairy legs that are hidden under layers of clothing are a constant source of hidden anguish for you. You fear that the guy you’re on a date with will want to get undressed and you’ll have to show him your legs. If only it were summer then you wouldn’t be dealing with this crap.
  11. You meet his folks prematurely. Winter is filled with lots of family events, such as Christmas. If you’ve started dating someone, you might be pulled into going along to his family functions, even though you’ve only known him a few weeks. You know you’re meeting his loved ones way too early and you’ll probably end up feeling so awkward at that Christmas Eve dinner.
  12. Your hair is not your crowning glory. Taming your hair during the cold, dry months totally sucks. It keeps doing what it wants to, no matter how much product you use on it. Then, you have to contend with matted hair from wearing beanies or hats, but you can’t step out of the house without them. Argh, you can’t win.
  13. You get a boyfriend just before V-day. Hello, awkwardness! After all the festive season events and outings, there’s one more special day on the calendar to go before winter ends: Valentine’s Day. It can feel so awkward if you’ve just started dating someone before the most romantic day of the year rolls around because you know you’re still in the casual stage of your relationship. You can’t go full romance on the guy. You wonder if you need to do something special or just ignore the day, as well as if you should give him a small gift. It’s just too much pressure.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.