Here’s Why Dating Is So Difficult For Ambitious People

Ambitious people often struggle to find a partner that fits in with their personal and professional goals. They’re not content to lie in their lover’s arms for days on end, nor will they ever make their relationship their whole lives. For those reasons and more, it’s no wonder so many driven, focused people are still rolling solo.

  1. Their time and energy are like investments. They aren’t going to waste away their time, energy, and mental capacity on someone that’s not benefiting them or their career. Nor will they put energy into a person that doesn’t support their dreams. To most people, cuddling and binge-watching Netflix shows for the entire weekend is heavenly. For ambitious and super active people, it’s a total waste of daylight hours.
  2. People assume they have terrible priorities. Ambitious people are focusing on their success and securing their legacy while everyone else is living it up in the present. They spend months away from family and days away from their spouses all in the name of success. When they finally have free time to catch up, they’re usually greeted with judgment. How dare they choose to work over spending quality time with their loved ones?
  3. They seem to be over-critical to others. People that have a great eye for success owe it to their ability to give and take constructive criticism. Focusing on what needs to be improved in order to progress further is a massive part of their lives. One great thing about ambitious people is their ability to be their own biggest cheerleader and everyone else’s too. Stagnation and complacency rub them the wrong way. They love helping people increase their own hustle and not everyone takes this advice on board so willingly.
  4. When it comes to matters of the heart, they tend to handle things in a more logical than an emotional way. Every day in their careers, they identify a problem, come up with a solution, and take notes of the results. Therefore, when you have a list of grievances or disappointments you’d like to get off your chest, you have to put aside your anger and hurt and focus on delivering this information logically. Sit them down and calmly explain what your issues are, discuss possible solutions to fix this, and then seal the deal with make-up sex. Approaching them with anger and irrational behavior is never a good idea. They respect people that communicate in a calm but assertive matter.
  5. They hate when people demand a play-by-play of their days. It’s one thing to miss someone and think of them throughout the day, but it’s a completely different story when you demand they tell you everything they’re doing as they do it all day long. It makes you look insecure and kinda obsessed—and ambitious people hate this. When they take the time and explain to you that they’re busy and why they may be a little late tonight, show that you trust them.
  6. People assume they aren’t capable of truly loving someone. Those filled with passion for their professions have too much mental clutter for relationships. Because of this, they tend to gravitate towards people that can help silence or calm their constantly spinning mind. Ambitious people often feel like it’s them versus the world, and they want someone to rejoice in their small achievements and comfort them in their losses.
  7. It’s hard for them to find like-minded people. Sure, they might find someone at their job, but that’s likely to bring drama and they’re not into that. People that are hustling in their careers tend to be so busy chasing goals that they don’t get much chance to socialize, which makes it even harder to meet someone. It would be nice if there was a dating app dedicated to the ambitious and lonely.
  8. They don’t respond well to ultimatums. Whenever an ambitious person is forced to choose between their professional future and a current relationship, they’ll almost always choose their careers. Those that crave being the center of someone’s universe shouldn’t even look twice at a passionate person hell-bent on making their dreams a reality. Their lives wouldn’t be fulfilling if they gave up on their dreams for a relationship. It’ll turn out to be a huge disappointment for both sides.
  9. Unconditional support is hard to find. Ambitious people are generally more obsessed with their career and long-term goals than they would be with any romantic partners they have. Because of this, it’s no surprise that a lot of them end up achieving their goals but have no one to share their success with. Hopefully it won’t always be that way.
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