Dating Is Easier When You Actually Know What You Want

Dating is exhausting, but once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a guy and a relationship, things get a lot easier. After all, you can’t find what you want if you don’t know what that is. Here’s how your life will change once you figure it out:

  1. You weed out the guys you don’t click with sooner rather than later. You no longer have time to waste on guys just to avoid being alone or have someone around to pay attention to you. You’d rather be alone and conserving your energy than spending it on a guy who isn’t right for you.
  2. You stop wasting your time with players. If a guy benches you, sends you a penis picture, or generally acts like a douche, you’re not even fazed. You simply cut him loose and continue on your way. Ain’t nobody got time for that — especially not you.
  3. You’re proud of what you have to offer. Knowing what you want means that you also know what you bring to the table and what you’ll mean to the right guy. You’ve been out there slaying life all by yourself, and you won’t apologize for who you are. You’re excited to find the guy who knows what he has when he has you.
  4. You’re content with being on your own until the right guy shows up. You take no issue with being single AF and living for no one but yourself in the meantime. Even if you’re excited at the prospect of finally finding love, you’re not desperate for it. You’re totally cool with where you’re at right now.
  5. You have fun on dates even if it’s not a great match. There’s no such thing as a bad date when you know what you want. Even the dates that turn to crap, are boring AF, or seem to have come straight out of a sitcom only reaffirm what you’re looking for. If things don’t go well, it’s just another story for your book rather than a reason to wallow in self-pity.
  6. You don’t sweat over kicking a guy to the curb. When a guy behaves like a jerk, he’s done. You know that you don’t want a crappy guy in your life, so you don’t hesitate to show them the door when they don’t rise to meet your standards.
  7. You have a “take me or leave me” attitude. Knowing exactly what you want out of love is a truly powerful feeling. While you’ll compromise to have a healthy relationship with the right person, you won’t choose just any guy to fill that space in your heart. If a guy has a problem with one of your flaws or doesn’t like the way you laugh like a hyena, you DGAF. You are who you are, and you only want the guy who is going to love all of it without hesitation.
  8. You stop sweating the disaster dates. If a guy falls asleep on you in a restaurant or flips a table at the sports bar where you’re watching a game together, you’re a little horrified, but it’s no biggie — he’s not the one. I mean, of course you’re never going to see his crazy ass again, but you’re not going to go home and cry into your pillow anymore when stuff like this goes down. You’ll just keep looking for a guy who won’t screw up so badly.
  9. You’re excited about the next adventure. When you know what you want in a partner, every new guy is like a mystery box — you never know what you’ll find inside. He could be your future forever guy, or he could be a total disappointment. Either way, you’re ready to take another step closer towards the love of your life.
  10. You’re more patient with the journey. Instead of reading up on completely outdated dating advice or having temporary fits of insanity when things don’t go the way you hope with a guy, you embrace the struggle and use it as motivation to keep going. Not only are you a woman who knows what you want, but you’re also really strong from surviving the disappointments.
  11. You’re ready for real love. This is the time in your life that you truly know that you’re ready for love in a real way. You’ve worked on yourself, and you’ve grown into an amazing woman that you know any guy would be lucky to have. But, you don’t want just ANY guy — you want THE guy, and you won’t settle until you find him.