Dating Expert Slammed For Telling Men To Avoid Single Moms To ‘Protect Yourself And Your Wallet’

A TikTok dating expert has drawn fierce criticism for instructing men to avoid dating single moms because they’re golddiggers who will drain your wallet and never allow you to have a real part in the child’s life. Myron Gaines, who posts as @realtalkmiami, posted the video titled “3 Reasons You Should NOT Seriously Date A Single Mom” immediately sparked outrage for its cluelessness and its hatred towards women who are working hard to raise their children alone.

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One of his biggest complaints is about being prioritized. While grown men realize that a child’s needs always come before that of an adult since a child cannot care for itself or makes its own decisions, Gaines’ whines about this in his video. He understands, he says… before launching into a rant that illustrates he really doesn’t. “Guys, simply put, you’re never going to come first, the kid’s always going to come first. Which is fine, that’s the way it should be, but understand you’re always going to take a back seat.”

He also wants to be able to discipline someone else’s kid. This is also a misguided idea. If you’re in a long-term relationship with a “single mom” then by very definition, she’s no longer single. In that case, you would become a step-parent and therefore have a say in how the child is raised. Why should a guy you’re casually dating be able to tell you how to discipline your child? That’s insane, but not to this “expert.” He says: “Second, it’s not your kid so you can’t discipline them and on top of that she can take them away from you at any time if you guys break up, and you have zero right to them.”

Finally, he clearly isn’t interested in being a father anyway. His biggest complaint seems to be about having to pay towards the care of a child he didn’t father, negating the idea that if you want to become a father, even if it’s a stepfather, and you want to have a say in how he or she is raised, you would also need to contribute to that, and Gaines isn’t down with that. “Finally, you have to pay for another man’s responsibility,” he advises. “Guys, single moms; recreational use only. Protect yourself and your wallet. Peace.”

Many people thought it must be satire. No one could be not only that cruel and clueless but also dumb enough to post it on social media, right? Wrong. It seems Gaines was entirely serious, especially judging by several of his other videos, the titles of which include “Why Your Girl Belongs To The Streets” and “Why She Really Wants You As A Friend.” It’s clear this guy has a very low opinion of women and isn’t interested in finding a partner to be his equal at all.

The backlash got so bad, he deleted his entire account. That’s right, the whole world will now have to “miss out” on Gaines’ “advice.” Something tells me he’ll be back sooner or later.

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