9 Dating Games That Could Actually Be Good For Your Love Life

Hear me out on this. I know the whole dating fiasco can be annoying, immature, and downright manipulative sometimes, but that’s just an unfortunate consequence of the game. You hate to see it, but the reason dating games are such an integral part of our social conditioning is that they actually work most of the time. Instead of moaning about how much it sucks, you might want to consider playing a hand or two of these games and see where that takes you.

  1. Cat and mouse When you meet someone you’re attracted to, you exchange a few looks, you send signals with your body language, you’re excited by what could happen, so now you have to figure out if they’re also interested and somehow use that to your advantage. You want them, but you can’t seem too eager, so the trick is to strategically position yourself so they can approach you or so it’s easier for you to approach them. The thrill of possibility works magic because people tend to want things that are out of reach.
  2. Playing the field I went out to a bar on a date recently and two days later, I went to the same bar on another date with a different person. Guess who was also there. The first guy. He was also on another date. Now, if I wasn’t keeping my options open knowing that things might not work out with him, I’d be hurt or really disappointed to see him putting the moves on other people. You’re single, so it’s OK to keep seeing what’s out there until you get hitched.
  3. Diplomatic texting I’m not saying take several days to respond to messages, but stir a little suspense into the mix by making them squirm a little before you hit reply. Men and women everywhere are naturally drawn to things that keep them on their toes. It’s why horror movies and thrillers are so beloved. They’ll be going crazy with thinking about you and wondering what you’re up to even if they’re slightly miffed by the wait.
  4. Making potential partners chase after you The most infamous game of all is playing hard to get. Competition and pursuit are wired into our DNA. We like to know that we can do or get anything we set our minds to, so if a person seems unavailable, the intrigue coaxes us into thinking we’re just the one that can break that spell and win them over.
  5. Letting your partners take the dive before you wade in Wearing your heart on your sleeve is fantastic, but it can also make you more prone to getting hurt. If you give someone a chance to take advantage of you, they most likely will. Instead of plunging into the river of love, kick back and let them test the waters. If they’re reluctant to go in, you shouldn’t bother either. Save your heart the trouble.
  6. Tactical flirting Some people are naturally flirtatious and some people aren’t. Before you go interpreting all the wrong signals as proof that they like you, you might want to put some risque emojis, words, or actions out there and see how well it is received. Keep them guessing where your true affections lie while you figure out their own agenda.
  7. Showing them that there are plenty of fish in the sea Do you ever wonder why you always get the most attention from people hoping to get with you when you’re already in a relationship? It’s because human beings generally like to know that the subject of their desires is also desired by others. I know I don’t want to date a guy that nobody wants. Trying to make your love interests a little jealous by showing that there are other people interested in you is sure to grab their attention.
  8. Holding out on commitment I cannot stand being the person trying to make things official while the guy is busy taking his sweet time in deciding whether he wants to be with me or not. Until they make it explicitly known that they are ready for a serious relationship, don’t play yourself by making it obvious you want something more.
  9. Keeping a low profile relationship Being too quick to show off a new relationship can backfire pretty fast. If he’s not trying to show you off to his friends as the girl he’s crazy over. why are you announcing him to your real-life friends and social media? Doing couple-y things is cute, but you don’t want to be the one in an awkward position if it turns out you’re not really a couple. Put a lid on that mess until it’s ready to go public.
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