Why Dating A Jerk Is Actually A Blessing In Disguise

We’ve all dated that one guy that shakes us up really good. It was hard to get over him, and sometimes you still struggle with the fallout, wondering how and why you could ever date someone so cold. He was a straight up jerk. He didn’t treat you right and he left you with scars that you’re still trying to heal — but don’t think like that. Dating that jerk was better for you in the long run, and because of him, you have a lot to look forward to.

  1. You’ve had the worst, and now you won’t accept less than the best. You tried a relationship with someone you thought you wanted. You adored him in the beginning and he was everything you needed at the time… until his true colors really came out. Now that you’ve been through this crappy relationship, you know what you want, and it’s not someone like him.
  2. You’re no longer miserable, right? Let’s be real — you were never going to be happy in a relationship with a guy who treats you like crap, but you’re all the wiser now, and you’re finally away from him. You no longer have his dead weight on your back, dragging you down — and that’s something worth celebrating.
  3. You took his power back by moving on without him. The moment you decided to walk away was the moment you took his power and took yours back. Moving forward and rocking life without him is something to be proud of, because even though you might have walked away with a broken heart, it’s still your heart to keep. He no longer has control over it.
  4. You know what bullets to dodge. Dating a jerk will teach you how to read the warning signs should another one walk into your life later down the road. He might have fired some pretty crazy shots at you, but you Matrix‘d that crap like a boss and going forward, you’ll be able to dodge those bullets even faster.
  5. Your life is full of possibilities again. You’re completely free to design your life how you want now. You don’t have an idiot on your arm making you feel crappy about yourself, and now you make solid choices for you that have nothing to do with him. Anything is possible, because it’s all you; there’s no idiot in the mix anymore.
  6. Your happiness is back in your hands. Dating someone who’s rude and pulls shady stuff really sucks, but the good news is there’s no longer someone around feeding you self-defeating ideas about who you are as a person. Disregard anything he ever said to you, about you or made you feel, because it was all totally untrue. You’re the boss now and your happiness is yours to take, so don’t waste time stressing about that loser.
  7. You’re finally free of that jerk. In case you didn’t notice, YOU’RE FREE, and you should be shouting it from the rooftops. You didn’t lose anything. In fact, you gained so much more — clarity, strength, happiness and your full potential. Raise your glass and make a toast.
  8. You survived him. Dating a jerk might be a hard one to shake because of the damage he leaves behind, but you can’t beat yourself up about it. A jerk is an jerk all on his own, not because you made him that way. Say your goodbyes, celebrate the future that’s waiting for you and give yourself credit for wearing those scars he left you. You dated an jerk, and you survived.