Dating Me Is Really Quite Simple: You Get What You Give

Dating Me Is Really Quite Simple: You Get What You Give ©iStock/mediaphotos

Forming a lasting connection with me really doesn’t have to be that difficult. It all boils down to one thing — respect — and I’m sick of not getting it. After all, dating me is really quite simple: If you show me and treat me with respect, you’ll keep me around, maybe even forever.

  1. Games don’t interest me. I’m not interested in playing lame ass dating games — I won’t waste my precious time. If you like me, say so, and if you want to get to know me, then do it like a gentleman. Don’t try and bait me into falling for you by playing hard to get or by keeping me in a grey area when it comes to where things are headed. I’m a grown woman, and even if we don’t want the same things in the end, honesty is the first step of showing me the respect I deserve.
  2. Respect shows me you were raised right. When a man pays me in honesty and kindness, it shows me he was raised by someone who cares about values. A man who holds respect towards others in high regard is a man who’s definitely worth my time and is someone who will instill those same values into children of his own someday, and that’s important to me.
  3. Avoiding my texts is a douchebag move. I’m sick of being ignored when I know there’s been plenty of reasonable time to respond to my text or call — it’s just ridiculous. Like I said, games don’t interest me and failing to communicate like a grown up shows me not only that you’re immature, but also that you don’t value me, and I don’t have time for that crap.
  4. Respect has nothing to do with your looks. It doesn’t matter how hot you are, you won’t get anywhere with me if you don’t behave with a high level of integrity. Respectful is the number one quality most women look for in a man. Your ab flexes, the size of your biceps or how perfectly coiffed your hair is doesn’t mean crap to me if you treat me like I’m beneath you.
  5. Kindness is sexy as hell. When a man shows people respect, especially the woman he’s dating, it’s infinitely sexier than any other quality he could possibly possess. Sure, you could drive a Ferrari and have a penthouse in the city, but if you don’t actually respect women, you’re nothing I’m missing out on in my eyes. I don’t give a crap what you have on the outside if what’s inside of you is ugly, rude and entitled.
  6. You get what you give with me. If you really want to date me, you should treat me the way you expect a woman to treat you. If you want someone who is kind, considerate and values you, then you need to show me the same respect. If you treat me well, I’ll treat you better.
  7. I won’t put up with losers anymore. I’ve experienced some pretty crappy behaviors and have a few losers in my past, so I’ll be blunt when I say that I won’t put up with any kind of douchey behaviors anymore. I might have let it slide years ago, but I’m a grown woman and I know better now. Being an honest and sincere man isn’t a hard concept to grasp, but you’d be surprised how many lack this common sense.
  8. Respect has no price tag. I don’t need fancy things or the finer things in life. You don’t need to be a commanding bachelor who can whisk me away on a yacht every weekend. All I need is for you to treat me well in the way that money can’t. If you can show me you care about me in a genuine way, it’ll be the best money you never spent.
  9. Basic decency goes a long way. There’s a reason they say that respect goes a long way — because it truly does. The best relationships are built on a solid foundation of genuine love and respect for each other and I won’t settle for anything less. If you’re just another player who wants to play my heart strings, then please just leave me be. If you’re someone who wants a shot at something real and amazing, respect is all I care about. Dating me is really that simple.