Dating Resolutions To Make In 2016

Dating Resolutions To Make In 2016 ©iStock/svetikd

It’s the end of another year — the time when you start to reevaluate every aspect of your life. But while most people will make resolutions to eat better, exercise or quit smoking in 2016, there’s one area that will probably get overlooked: our love lives. Want to have a better love life in 2016? Make some of these dating resolutions.

  1. “I won’t make the same mistakes I made last year.” It’s time to learn from all those blunders. Think back at what you did wrong this year and resolve to stop the cycle.
  2. “I won’t date guys I’m not interested in.” If you know you’re not into a guy, don’t bother saying yes to a date. It’s a waste of time for both of you.
  3. “I’ll try to meet more people in real life rather than online.” Online dating can be used as a crutch, giving you an excuse not to get out there and try a little harder. If you really want to make a bold move, vow to skip online dating entirely.
  4. “I’ll ask for help from friends.” It can be hard to ask for help sometimes, but your friends are often the best people to go to for help in the dating world. They can act as your wingwomen and even set you up with hot coworkers.
  5. “I’ll ask out at least five guys throughout 2016.” Don’t wait for them to come to you. If you’ve been talking to that barista at the coffee shop, but haven’t gotten the nerve, now’s the time. You’re opening yourself up to wider possibilities by taking the reins in your own life.
  6. “I won’t turn down guys just because they don’t fit my ‘type.'” This is an amendment to #2. Not liking someone is one thing, but if you’re ruling him out just because of his job or his height, you need to get out of your own ass a little.
  7. “I’ll work on becoming my best self.” Be someone other people would want to date. I’m not saying you should change into someone else. Rather, work on being the best possible you, and accept nothing less.
  8. “I’ll go on a new date every month until I find someone to start a relationship with.” If you’re getting set up by friends and family and are asking guys out on your own, it should be relatively easy to find a new date every month. That’s only 12 new dates in 2016. Not bad–and it increases your chances of finding something really awesome.
  9. “I vow not to hold onto crushes.” If you develop a crush on someone this year, do something about it right away. Don’t keep it quiet and let it grow on its own. Instead, either ask him out or get over it.
  10. “I’ll be open to love.” You’ll never find love if you’re resisting it at every turn. Keep a positive attitude and be open to letting love find you. You’ll do great!

Good luck in 2016. I’m rooting for you. (And for myself.)

Trisha is a full time writer living in Montana. In her free time, she paints mountainscapes on her skin with body paint and reads a ton of YA lit.