Dating A Romantic Guy? Here’s Why You Hit The Jackpot

In a dating culture that sometimes feels like it’s all about hooking up and avoiding real feelings, nothing is hotter than a guy who goes out of his way to show his affection in a real way. Romantic guys are few and far between, but they’re amazing. They’re not afraid to express their emotions, and they’re definitely not afraid to sweep you off your feet. Need more proof of just how amazing they are?

  1. They always let you know where you stand. You’re not left psychoanalyzing your relationship or text messages wondering where you stand or where things are headed, because romantic guys don’t hesitate to tell you and show you how they feel on a daily basis. It might seem too good to be true at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll wonder why you ever tolerated the BS games and confusion from guys in the past.
  2. They remember the little things. Romantic guys pay attention to who you are and what puts a smile on your face, no matter how big or how small. They’ll surprise you with your favorite coffee or clear the ice off your windshield in the morning before work because aside from the grander moments, the small acts of romance are just as important and a necessary part of keeping the fire alive.
  3. They enjoy putting a smile on your face. Unlike the jerks of your past, romantic guys actually enjoy putting a huge grin on your face and going out of their way to impress you with thoughtfulness without any ulterior motives. You’ll be thinking, “Wow, a genuinely thoughtful guy? Swoon.”
  4. You feel genuinely appreciated in their lives. They tell you they’re proud of you when you succeed, they support you emotionally when you fail, and they never gloss over the things you do for them —they always notice and appreciate you. These guys are completely understanding of what mannerisms and level of love go into making a forever partnership successful.
  5. They make actual effort. They don’t forget your anniversary or your birthday, and they go above and beyond to make the day special for the two of you. For romantic guys, it’s not just about putting in the effort to satisfy you — it’s about creating an entire story of love for the both of you filled with many pages of experiences and memories.
  6. They’re secure with themselves. Some guys might think that romance is for weaker men or that it’s emasculating to show that level of affection, but romantic guys don’t care at all. They’re proud of who they are, their thoughtfulness, and how they love — and no one can convince them otherwise.
  7. They love with their whole hearts. When they fall for you, they fall all the way because doing anything half-assed just isn’t in their nature. It’s their instinct to protect, care for, and love you in the best way that they can, and that includes plenty of laughs, deep conversations, and reminders of just how important you are to them.
  8. They were raised right and with good manners. You can bet that romantic guys who treat women well were raised by someone who instilled kindness and care into them early in their lives. They’re not just guys who took notes from ridiculous rom-coms — they were actually taught to be thoughtful and kind as a way of life.
  9. They don’t slack off just because they’ve won your heart. Nothing is worse than being fooled by guys in the beginning with shiny things and flowers galore, only to have them slack off a few months in. It’s like they’re suddenly completely oblivious to the way they won your heart in the first place. When people are inconsistent, that’s when unhappy relationships are born. Thankfully, with romantic guys, they don’t dream of slacking off because unlike the show-boaters who only makes just enough gestures to win you over, romantic guys actually care to make you happy for as long as they have you — not just UNTIL they have you.
  10. They actually care about you and they show it. Hands down, the best part of being with these guys is the fact that you’re finally in a relationship that’s not only happy and full of clear signs of love, but they also makes you feel content and safe in their hearts. You can give your heart freely to them because you know they’re not going to take advantage of you or blindside you with their inner douchebaggery. There’s no questioning. There’s no stomach flip and anxiety over how they feel or questioning if they’re truly in this thing for real. They’re romantics to the core, and what you receive and feel is literally what you get. They’re the real deal.