Dating Someone You Don’t Like For Free Food & Other Shameless Ways Women Use Men

Men have long been accused of using women for sex while women have been accused of using men for money. The truth is that both men and women often use each other for personal gain whether it’s intentional or not. Here are some ways women are particularly guilty of this.

  1. We still expect them to pay for dates. When a friend of mine first started dating, she’d offer to pay half the bill. It wasn’t until a few dates in that she realized the potential savings she could enjoy. When money was tight, she tried honestly telling potential dates that she couldn’t afford to go out with them. Every time she explained herself, the guy would just offer to pay since it was his intention from the start. The pattern led her to unintentionally (at first anyway) use men as free meal tickets while she struggled through college.
  2. We take advantage of guys who we know have feelings for us. Sometimes a woman remains good friends with a guy who obviously has feelings for her even though she doesn’t feel the same. Don’t be fooled—sometimes she’s just taking advantage of his kindness. When she needs a shoulder to cry on, he’s always there for her. If she needs a ride, he’ll take her without ever asking for gas money. What’s worse is when he finally asks her for a favor, she’s never available. If he ever needs to borrow cash, she’s never got it. Coincidence? Not at all.
  3. We stick around for access. Shameless women will take advantage of men who know the right people. He could know celebrities, have a family member higher up her career ladder, or it could be something as petty as his best friend is someone they want to date. One of the worst ways a woman can use a man is to make him think she’s interested in him when she’s really interested in one of his connections.
  4. Sometimes we just want a booty call. Women who care more about sex than anything else in a relationship are guaranteed to be using a man for his body. She’s interested in getting what she wants. Whatever the guy desires or wants to talk about is irrelevant to her and she isn’t going to prioritize these dudes because they’re nothing more than an outlet for her physical pleasure.
  5. We try to keep housing affordable. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again—a woman who needs a place to stay is guaranteed to push a guy into letting her move in. She might pretend to be in love, but don’t be fooled! If she’s got a low-paying job and is struggling to survive, she isn’t trying to live with the love of her life, she’s trying to find affordable housing.
  6. We play guys for fools and everybody knows it but them. When women use men, it’s usually obvious to everyone but the guy in question. He’s so enamored by her attention and affection that he can’t see how she’s manipulating him. She convinces him to change his personality. He spends less time with friends and family because she wants his attention. Suddenly his bank account is getting smaller and smaller. The signs are blatantly obvious to everyone in his life and they’re telling him what’s up but his heart won’t let him listen. Poor guy won’t know what hit him ’til it’s too late.
  7. We’re serial daters for a reason. Women want to take advantage of a man will stick around until the relationship is no longer convenient. She’ll use him to fulfill whatever her needs are and as soon as he can’t keep up, she’ll take off. If a woman claims all of her many past relationships ended because of her ex, it’s important to consider the common factor.
  8. We abuse them in subtle ways. Women who frivolously use men often abuse them. Abuse comes in many forms and is often the result of a man refusing or being unable to yield to her desires. Some women truly believe they should be treated like spoiled princesses. They won’t even pretend to respect their men in these instances.
  9. We use sex as leverage. Women hold all the power when it comes to sex. Men want physical affection but they need a woman’s permission to get it. Some women will purposely withhold sex to keep their guys in check. If he doesn’t do what his woman wants, she just doesn’t spend the night. A woman ransoming her affections can make a man bend over backward to earn it back.
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