Dating Struggles Of Women Who Are Too Caring

Dating Struggles Of Women Who Are Too Caring ©iStock/PeopleImages

It’s not easy being a woman with the massively caring heart. She gives freely without expectations, but once in a while, it would be nice if the kindnesses she pays were reciprocated. Not only does she have a big heart, but she shares it willingly if she’s into you. She’s always ready for love. Eventually it’ll happen, but in the meantime dating can be a struggle for her.

  1. She believes everyone is good until proven otherwise. She wants to believe everyone has good intentions and is honest about what they want from her. When she’s dating you, she assumes it’s because you genuinely like her and so she puts her best foot forward. Unfortunately she’s been proven wrong and even though it hurt her, she still believes there’s good in everyone.
  2. She’s naturally nurturing, which can come across as mothering. She enjoys doing thoughtful things for the people she dates to make their lives easier, or just to put a smile on their face. It’s just who she is. Men will think she’s “too nice” or acts like his mother when she just actually wants to show you she cares.
  3. She’s been taken for granted. She doesn’t play games, nor does she feel her love and care needs to be earned. She just gives it without hesitation and sadly, this makes her an easy target for jerks or commitment-phobes that are just looking for an ego boost or short-lived companionship.
  4. She doesn’t know how to “be a challenge” because she doesn’t hide her interest. She doesn’t abstain from flirting or telling a guy she’s dating that she was thinking about him or that she can’t wait to see him again. Most men, even when they say they want this in a woman, get bored with it. She’s not going to be the girl who purposely waits four hours to reply to your text, or hold in her feelings because she doesn’t believe that breeds real love or honest relationships.
  5. Her genuine affections are labelled clingy. For some reason, people often confuse genuinely caring with being a stage five clinger. There’s a clear difference. Just because the girl who’s too caring picks up an extra coffee for you before work or texts you routinely to say good morning when you’re dating her doesn’t mean she’s clingy. It means she likes you and she’s showing it with her actions.
  6. She’s easily hurt. She’s been hurt and she’s felt intense pain from the heartbreaks that led her to you, so be gentle with her heart if you choose to date her. Oh, and let her go if you don’t plan on keeping her forever.
  7. She’s overly appreciative. She believes in “thank you” and sweet manners. She believes in appreciating the little things, the simple words and the grand gestures. No sentiment goes unnoticed with her.
  8. She’s afraid to confront bad behavior. If you do something that upsets her, she’ll hesitate to bring it up, because she’s worrying more about if it’s worth it to mention in fear of upsetting you in return. She might even gloss over it entirely when she shouldn’t. She never wants to hurt you even if it might mean being unfair to herself.
  9. She knows nice girls finish last. She’s dated and tried time and time again, but the girl who’s too caring will continue caring no matter how many times she’s attempted to fall and not been caught. Even though dating can be a challenge for her due to her clear nice girl persona and the misconceptions of her affections, she’ll find real love in the end because not only does she deserve to feel the thoughtfulness she pays, she also deserves someone who is just as caring and appreciative to love her in return.