Dating A Woman Who Tells It Like It Is Can Be Intimidating, But It’ll Change Your Life

Dating a woman with no filter — a woman who tells it like it is and doesn’t mince words — is a pretty special experience. If you’ve got her, congratulations, because you’re in for a wild ride. Having no filter doesn’t mean that she’s overly opinionated or rude, it just means she’s confident in her own thoughts, feelings, and opinions and isn’t afraid to share them with the world. She’s also a ton of fun and will provide you with a lot of laughs… if you can handle it. Here’s what it’s like to date her:

  1. She doesn’t sugar-coat anything. She’s realistic about pretty much everything and will give you real life advice even if it isn’t what you want to hear because she knows that not facing facts will only hurt you more in the end. She only gives you this kind of tough love because she actually cares about you.
  2. She’s always painfully honest. She never lies to you, which is a good thing. When a woman doesn’t have much of a filter, she doesn’t spend a lot of time processing her answers before she blurts them out, which means you’ll get the absolute truth every time. This can be annoying at times, but understand that she really doesn’t mean any harm by it, she just doesn’t see the point in lying.
  3. She probably swears a lot. She’s used to being told to tone it down on the F-bombs and curse words from time to time, but she really doesn’t give a damn. She swears because she can and because it feels good. It also adds emphasis to the points she’s trying to get across.
  4. She’s the first person you’ll go to for advice. If you ever want the complete truth about something important to you, she’ll give it to you. This isn’t to say the girl with no filter isn’t sweet and comforting, but she’s also sincere and won’t BS you for the sake of it.
  5. She owns her outspoken nature. People tell her routinely that she really has no filter, to which she smiles and nods happily in agreeance. Yup, and she’s not afraid to keep living filter-free, no matter how much you might dislike it.
  6. She’s not easily offended. As much as she gives it, she also knows how to take it. You can be painfully honest with her about your thoughts or opinions and she’ll hardly bat an eye. She might not agree with you, and if she doesn’t, she won’t hesitate to tell you exactly why.
  7. She doesn’t care if she’s not always lady-like. Being lady-like is no longer synonymous with being a woman. Power females, tomboys, and opinionated women are rising with ferocity and she makes her voice heard, as well (even if this means she sometimes verbalizes that she needs to poop).
  8. She expresses her opinions. If she has an opinion on a controversial subject matter, she won’t bite her tongue to appease other beliefs in the conversation. She’ll express herself as she wishes and let everyone else deal with how they take it.
  9. She’s very open. The first few dates with a woman with no filter are interesting because she’ll give you more information upfront than you might be used to. She’s also trustworthy despite being so open about herself because she respects the privacy of others, but makes her own choices about her own. The right man for her is someone who loves and accepts these qualities about her. Not everyone will like her or accept her, but she doesn’t give a damn because she knows the people in her life are her real and true friends and partners. She knows she’s guilty of word vomit, but she would rather someone who accepts the details than to waste both of your time. She knows if you can handle this upfront, that the relationship has exciting and unfiltered promise for a future.