Man Gets Life In Prison For Murdering Wife Who Mocked His Erectile Dysfunction

Man Gets Life In Prison For Murdering Wife Who Mocked His Erectile Dysfunction Cheshire Constabulary

A British man will spend a minimum of 20 years in prison after he bludgeoned his wife to death following years of alleged abuse and humiliation over his erectile dysfunction, a court ruled this month. While he initially protested his innocence, his story began to unravel when a speck of his wife’s blood was found on his socks.

  1. David Pomphret claimed his wife was dead when he found her. The 51-year-old initially told authorities that he went to check on his wife in the stables near their house in Winwick, Cheshire in England and found she was already dead.
  2. In reality, he was guilty of murder. Pomphret bludgeoned Ann-Marie, 49, over the head with a crowbar more than 30 times after he allegedly “snapped” following years of abuse from a woman he claimed was “volatile” and mocked him for having erectile dysfunction. He claimed temporary loss of control as his defense.
  3. The judge wasn’t buying his story. During the sentencing, Judge David Aubrey told Pomphret, “You forgot to change your socks. It was a web of deceit and lies. In my judgment, you are an accomplished liar. She had defensive injuries to both her hands. She must have been pleading and begging for you to stop. You had had enough of her, saw the opportunity that presented itself that night to kill her and did so.”
  4. It’s unclear what Pomphret’s motives actually were. Ann-Marie was battling depression, undergoing treatment for cancer, and had been diagnosed with autistic personality disorder. He also claimed that she called him a bad parent and dubbed him “limp and f***ing useless” and slapped him across the face, which was the final straw. Because of this, Pomphret claimed he was “suffering” at the hands of his wife, which apparently is a reason to commit cold-blooded murder?
  5. It was an incredibly calculated crime. After smashing his wife of 20 years over the head with a crowbar dozens of times, Pomphret threw the weapon into a pond, moved his and Ann-Marie’s cars around, and even texted her several times to act as though he’d been trying to get a hold of her and provide himself with an alibi. Thankfully, authorities saw right through him.
  6. Hopefully, he rots in prison. That’s the perfect place for a man like that. Good riddance!
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