Dead Woman ‘Eaten By Her 20 Cats’ As Her Body Lay Undiscovered For Weeks

A Russian woman was eaten by her 20 cats after she died at home and her body was left undiscovered by authorities for several weeks. Police eventually found her remains in the Russian city of Bataysk after a concerned colleague called to report her missing, according to The Sun.

  1. Police believe she was dead for at least two weeks. The unnamed woman, who was a cat breeder who owned 20 Maine Coon cats herself, is believed to have collapsed and passed away without anyone knowing.
  2. Her cats had to eat her to survive. Left trapped indoors for several weeks with no food, the animals are said to have partially eaten the woman’s body in order to survive. An animal rescue expert who took over the care of the cats after the woman’s remains were discovered said that what they did was “understandable.” She said: “The cats were left alone on their own for two weeks, there was no food, so what else to eat?”
  3. Some of the cats have already been rehomed. The animals that were healthy enough have already found new forever homes, but it’s impossible to say whether the new owners have been made aware of what happened with the dead woman.
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