Deal Breakers: 9 Qualities a Guy MUST Have

Deal Breakers: 9 Qualities a Guy MUST Have ©iStock/Martin-dm

It’s often said that men are men, and that we should just accept them as they are, but let’s face it – that’s BS. We all have dealbreakers and things we just won’t put up with. Sometimes our expectations can be unreasonable, but there are some areas where we just shouldn’t settle.

  1. He doesn’t play games. You don’t need to worry about whether or not he’s interested in you; you know.
  2. He actually knows how to have a conversation. A guy who is interested in you wants to get to know more about you. Conversation skills are not optional, they’re a must.
  3. He pretends to give a crap about things you enjoy ranting about (reality TV, makeup or whatever else). Your eyes may glaze over when he starts talking about his fave sports team, but you make an effort to listen, and he should too.
  4. He has some level of emotional maturity. When something is bothering you or you’re visibly upset, a grown ass man should be willing to try and see things from your perspective, even if he doesn’t fully understand you or agree with you.
  5. He actually makes plans with you and keeps them. The two of you don’t have to be hanging all over each other all the time, but he should plan an occasional date and follow through.
  6. He’s moderately thoughtful. You don’t need him to stand outside your window with a boombox, but a cute little reminder couldn’t hurt. Small gestures that show his love for you should at least happen occasionally.
  7. He treats you with respect. Feminism gave us the choice to choose how we live our lives; it’s not a license for men to treat us like crap.
  8. He knows how to compromise. It can’t always be about the things he wants and needs. Any man worth being with will give in to from time to time  just as you should be able to give in to him.
  9. He helps you through the heavy stuff. We as women no longer “need” a man to take care of us, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t nice to have a partner in crime when the going gets tough. Emotional support is mandatory.