Death Row Prisoner Terrified He’ll ‘Fry Like Bacon’ In Electric Chair Has Last Meal Refused

Death Row Prisoner Terrified He’ll ‘Fry Like Bacon’ In Electric Chair Has Last Meal Refused South Carolina Department of Corrections

A death row prisoner in South Carolina who’s terrified of being “fried like a piece of bacon” in the electric chair has had his last meal request refused. Brad Sigmon, 63, is facing the death penalty for brutally murdering his ex-girlfriend’s parents with a baseball bat and asked for a shot of whiskey and two cigarettes before his life is over. However, that request was denied and he now plans to fast and pray until he’s put to death.

  1. Sigmon is horrified by the idea of being put into the electric chair. Anti-death penalty activist Alli Sullivan told The Mirror that Sigmon is obsessed with the “horror” of what lies ahead of him despite the last-minute reprieve he received from the Supreme Court ahead of his planned execution on June 18. “He was super fearful of the fact it would be an electrocution,” Sullivan revealed. “He made a comment like, ‘I can’t get the horror of my mind that the state is getting ready to fry me like a piece of bacon.'”
  2. Sigmon couldn’t even have his final meal request. Giving someone a shot of alcohol and a cigarette before you put them in the electric chair seems like no big deal, but the South Carolina Department of Corrections wasn’t having it. “The question came about his last meal. He said, ‘a shot of whisky and two Newport cigarettes’ … and they said, ‘you know you can’t have that, what do you really want?'” Sullivan said. “He said he didn’t want anything for his last meal, that he would spend his last day praying and fasting.”
  3. There’s no denying that what Sigmon did was horrific. He bludgeoned 62-year-old David and 59-year-old Gladys Larke, the parents of his ex-girlfriend to death with a baseball bat after she broke up with him. He then kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, Rebecca, and shot her, though she somehow managed to survive. Sigmon was arrested several days later in Tennessee.
  4. He has expressed remorse for what he did. Sullivan says that Sigmon feels guilty about what he did and is “sorry,” saying, “I don’t want to excuse my behavior because there’s no excuse.”
  5. Sigmon will likely be executed in the end. Due to a shortage of lethal injection drugs, he will probably have to choose between the electric chair and a firing squad when the time comes.
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