A “Decent” Guy Isn’t Good Enough For Me — I Need More

I’m not looking to find a nice man with a job, a running car, and a close bond with his mother. That’s a great start and all, but if that’s the whole package, the package isn’t big enough. I want an amazing man with a lot to offer me and the world at large — a “decent” guy just isn’t good enough.

Niceness isn’t the only quality that matters.

I don’t care if he listens when I speak and remembers my birthday. He’s supposed to do that anyway. I need someone who has that special “je ne sais quoi” that makes my heart skip a beat.

I’m not willing to settle.

 Telling me I should be happy with a decent guy is like telling me I should feel lucky to be treated like a human being. I don’t want to idolize mediocrity. I want to wait to date someone I can brag about.

I want love like the movies.

I’d rather be alone than date a “decent” guy. That’s no way to describe the person you’re planning on spending the rest of your life with. If I can’t describe him as “hysterical,” “gorgeous,” or “intelligent,” then I don’t want him.

I need to feel a spark.

Stimulating dinner conversation is great, but I want to be stimulated in the bedroom, too. If there isn’t any sexual tension, then he’s not the one for me. Physical attraction is just as important as mental attraction.

I don’t need a relationship that badly.

 I’m not going to date someone, just to say that I have a boyfriend. I can handle being single for a little while longer. I’m not going to demean myself by dating a dud I don’t have a real connection with.

My approval is more important than my parents’ approval.

I’m sure my mother and father would be thrilled to see me bring home a decent guy, but my love life has nothing to do with them. I’m the one who’s supposed to be happy, and there’s no way I’ll find happiness with a decent guy.

I refuse to lower my expectations.

 They’re high for a reason. I want to end up in an intense relationship or stay away from relationships completely. There’s no middle ground.

Decent guys only look good, because of losers.

The only reason mediocre guys get credit is because there are so many douchebags roaming the earth. But that’s not fair. I shouldn’t be rewarding a decent guy for not treating me like trash.

Relationships fail without effort. 

And there’s no way I’ll be putting in enough effort if I feel bleh about you. The only way I’ll treat you the way you deserve is if I’m crazy about you. That means you have to bring more to the table than good manners.

I’m holding out for the love of my life.

I wouldn’t want my boyfriend to describe me as a decent girl. I want to be more than that for him, and I want him to be more than that for me. If we’re only dating, because we don’t think we have better options, we should call it quits now.

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