Definitive Proof That Daenerys And Jon Snow Are Totally Gonna Do It On ‘Game of Thrones’

Definitive Proof That Daenerys And Jon Snow Are Totally Gonna Do It On ‘Game of Thrones’ HBO

When it comes to Game of Thrones, all bets are off when it comes to suitable relationships. Neither war nor family relation can keep lovers apart and I feel like most of us are kinda okay with it even if in reality, it’d be a little gross. That’s why knowing that Daenerys and Jon Snow are most likely closely related hasn’t really stopped us from ‘shipping them hardcore. And hey, it looks like we’re about to get our wish since after Episode 6, it was all but written in the stars that these two are definitely DTF by the end of the season finale.

If you’re not quite convinced that Dany & Jon are about to bump uglies, allow me to offer you some proof:

1. Tyrion basically told Dany that Jon is falling for her and he’s rarely wrong. 

2. Dany was all distraught about the thought of having to leave Jon behind

3. One of Dany’s dragons died and while she was upset, she was more upset that Jon almost didn’t make it out alive. 

4. Dany vowed to fight with Jon to defeat the White Walkers despite the fact that he still hasn’t bent the knee. 

5. Jon basically saying he’s ready to bend the knee because he recognizes Dany for the queen she is. 




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