Video Of Demi Moore Kissing Teen Boy Resurfaces On Social Media

Video Of Demi Moore Kissing Teen Boy Resurfaces On Social Media Entertainment Tonight

A video showing Demi Moore kissing a 15-year-old boy has resurfaced on social media, and people are justifiably horrified. The actress, who was 19 at the time, can be seen giving the younger boy several pecks on the lips despite their age difference. The video was taken a birthday party for the boy, who was actually her “General Hospital” co-star Philip Tanzini.

  1. Moore was married to Freddy Moore at the time of the clip. Despite being young herself, she was legally an adult. That made it all the more disturbing that she continued to kiss Tanzini, who was still a child. They didn’t seem to want to stop until someone began singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which seemed to pull Moore back to reality.
  2. She kissed him again later on. At another point in the evening, Moore and Tanzini are being interviewed at a table with a young child sitting between them. Moore then goes in for yet another kiss. “He’s one of my favorite people ever. I love Philip,” she tells the interviewer.
  3. Tanzini seemed overjoyed at the affection from his co-star. He tells the interviewer at the end of the segment, “We’re going to get married, by the way, don’t let her husband find out,” with Moore adding, “I can’t wait!” Given how young he is and how inappropriate this interaction, it makes for very disturbing viewing.
  4. The clip made its way back to social media this week. User @BernieSpofforth re-posting the clip of Demi Moore kissing the teen boy, writing: “Hidden in plain sight. Demi Moore kissing a 15-year-old boy. Because she could.” It wasn’t long before enraged comments began to be posted.
  5. People were really not happy with Demi Moore. As one person pointed out, there would have been much more outraged if it was a grown man kissing a teenage girl. Another pointed out that Moore’s actions were blatant and ongoing. “This kiss wasn’t a quick peck on the cheek, or even the lips. It wasn’t a one-time thing, either,” they said. “And I really don’t care that it was from a woman, let alone Demi Moore. It’s disturbing — at the very least, extremely uncomfortable.” Another person said: “Been reading these responses and some err on the ‘good on you boy’, but why wouldn’t you question why an older actress is properly kissing a 15-year-old school boy? Those are real kisses and not a quick peck on the lips. Too weird. Ask questions always.”
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