Denny’s Has A Wedding Chapel Where You Can Get Married For Free On Valentine’s Day

Denny’s Has A Wedding Chapel Where You Can Get Married For Free On Valentine’s Day Denny's

When it comes to All-American dining, you can’t beat Denny’s. Whether you’re hitting up a pancake breakfast or some chicken strips later in the day, their food is tasty and reasonably priced — what more can you ask for? However, not content with just serving up tasty dishes, Denny’s is taking Valentine’s Day to the next level by opening a pop-up wedding chapel where you can get married for one day only.

  1. Getting married at the Denny’s pop-up wedding chapel is free. Weddings are expensive and your money can be better spent on pretty much anything else, so being able to say “I do” for free (and then go get some delicious food) sounds like a serious bargain to me.
  2. The Vegas chapel is open for six hours only. Denny’s pop-up wedding venue is only hosting weddings between noon and 6 p.m. on February 14, so there are a limited number of slots available. There will be an onsite officiant so you don’t need to have one of your friends get ordained online prior to becoming husband and wife (0r husband and husband or wife and wife!). Plus, there will even be a live DJ on-hand.
  3. The Denny’s wedding includes food and champagne. After getting married at the pop-up chapel for free, you’ll also partake in complimentary “Wedding Pancake Puppies” and a champagne toast, because marriage is a cause for celebration, right?
  4. There’s a cash bar for your guests. You want your loved ones to witness one of the happiest days in your life but you also don’t want to have to finance their heavy drinking habits. Thankfully, Denny’s has thought ahead and they’ll be serving up a variety of alcoholic beverages for $2, $4, $6, and $8 at their onsite cash bar. Sweet!
  5. If you can’t make it to Vegas on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. Denny’s pop-up wedding chapel may be for one day only, but if you’re desperate to get hitched at the beloved restaurant chain, they do offer a year-round package for $200. What do you get for that money? According to Thrillist, it includes “chapel space, a photobooth, silk presentation bouquet and boutonniere (in red, white, pink, or yellow), that Wedding Pancake Puppies Cake, champagne toast, wedding T-shirts, and two Original Grand Slams good for your next visit.” Total bargain!
  6. If you can, you’re in luck. You don’t need to register or do anything special. Just show up with your future spouse ready to say “I do” and get ready for married life!
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