Devoted Dog Dad Wears ‘Cone Of Shame’ To Make Pup Feel Better While Recovering From Surgery

It’s no secret that pet owners love our animals as if they’re members of our own family — and that’s because they are. They’re not just dogs or cats, they’re our babies. Well, one devoted dog dad took his love for his four-legged friend to the next level and decided to wear a “cone of shame” along with his pup to make the dog feel better while recovering from surgery.


Is it just my dad?🤦🏼‍♀️😂 #dogsoftiktok #dadsanddogs #labrador #fyp

♬ Lonely – Zoe Wees

  1. Well-known TikTok dog Good Boy Ollie is on the mend. However, in order to keep him from disturbing his wound from a recent surgery he’d undergone, he had to wear a “cone of shame.”
  2. Ollie’s owner Alex captured the heartwarming clip. Alex managed to catch his dad sitting on the sofa with Ollie, only something was different. Alex’s dad was wearing a cone along with Ollie and the two appeared to be bonding over the miserable experience. More hilariously, he was trying to drink a cup of tea, which was easier said than done.
  3. Alex’s dad didn’t always want a dog. But as Alex pointed out, it’s his dad who seems to have bonded with Ollie the most in many ways. “Not my dad wearing a cone to make my dog feel less lonely after his surgery,” Alex captioned the video. “I swear it’s always the dads who didn’t want a dog that end up loving them the most.”
  4. Ollie’s followers were loving the sweet gesture. “Not all heroes wear capes… they wear cones,” one person wrote. Another added: “We must protect him,” while a separate person commented: “This is so wholesome.” Agreed!


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