I Didn’t Want To Leave You, But You Finally Pushed Me To My Limit

Even though I hate to admit it, I’m definitely the type of girl who sticks around way longer than she should in a relationship. No matter how bad things may be, I do my part to make things work even when the other person seems to have checked out. It took me a long time to stick up for myself and leave you, but this is what finally convinced me to do it:

  1. You Let Me Fall For You Knowing You Couldn’t Catch Me. If someone can lie in bed with me, look me in my eyes, and tell me he likes me, I’m going to believe him. You told me everything I wanted to hear in the beginning. You were sweet and promised you wouldn’t let anything ever happen to me. I felt safe in your arms and trusted what you said, and now I realize what a mistake that was.
  2. You Completely Switched Personalities. You went from the caring guy who made me breakfast in the morning to the guy who ignored my texts. You only wanted to talk when it was convenient for you. How did we go from laughing and kissing all night long to you just pulling away the very next day? I couldn’t keep up — I never knew which version of you I would get on any given day.
  3. You told me who you were, and I ignored it. If I had a dollar for every time you told me that you weren’t good for me or that I should walk away but, then pulled me right back in. I’d be rich. You were never shy about telling me that you weren’t good for me and when I would contemplate walking away, you’d say sorry and blame it on your past. I should have believed you the first time you told me who you really were.
  4. You Never Fought For Me. I fought for you almost every day. I wanted something real with you, and I sometimes wonder if you ever actually wanted that too. Maybe I was just some girl you wanted to keep around just for the sake of not being lonely. When I finally walked away, you just stood there and watched it happen. All I wanted was for you to stop me, to tell me that you were sorry and that you wanted this as much as I did.
  5. I Realized My Friends Were Right. All my friends kept asking me why I stayed with the guy who kept going back and forth on what he wanted. To be honest, I never had a good answer for them. I was sympathetic to your situation — you’d been through a lot, and I let that obscure the fact that you were treating me like crap. My friends just saw what I wasn’t willing to see, and they tried to warn me multiple times. Maybe if I’d listened, it would’ve spared me some of the heartache.
  6. You Made Me Question Myself.  You made me wonder if the problem was me. You made me ask myself whether or not I’d done something wrong to make you push me away time and time again. I drove myself crazy wondering what I could do to change how you felt, or what I could do differently to make you happier. While I know now that I did everything right, it sucks to know that you made me feel like I just wasn’t good enough.
  7. There was no hesitation when I finally left you. I finally walked away from you and I didn’t even glance in my rear-view mirror when I drove off. I had to let go of you and start moving forward with my life. You clearly didn’t want me to be in your life, so I wasn’t going to look back and wish that I were a part of yours.
  8. You don’t deserve another chance. I don’t wish anything bad on you, and I actually hope that you can finally learn to let someone in and not push them away — it just won’t be me. Sure, you’ve already sent me that classic”I miss you” text, but I’ve learned to ignore it. I won’t get sucked back into something so toxic.
  9. You’re still hanging on, but I’m long gone. I left, I said my goodbyes, and I moved on. You’re the one who sent me that text begging for another chance. Maybe you realized that you shouldn’t have pushed me away, but unfortunately for you, I’d moved on long before your name popped up on my phone again.
  10. You Actually Taught Me Something. I never want to put anyone through what you put me through. I learned that if I can’t open up to someone right away, I need to be open and honest about why I can’t. I don’t want to leave someone guessing the way you did to me. Any person I date will never feel the way I felt while dating you.
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