Dildos And Lube Spill Onto US Highway After Truck Crash

Dildos And Lube Spill Onto US Highway After Truck Crash News9

A crash on Oklahoma’s Interstate 40 got more attention than usual after it was revealed that dildos and lube were spilling everywhere on the highway after the trucks collided near Oklahoma City, according to News9. The cargo was either headed to or coming from “a major adult-product-focused distribution hub” located nearby, The Lost Ogle reported. A helicopter sent to the area to capture the wreckage gave quite a few people a bit of a laugh, with the site noting “that sure looks like a bunch of vibrator boxes and tubes of lube scatter over the highway.”

  1. This isn’t the kind of spillage you see every day. Zoomed-in photos taken from the site show the outline of a “fake phallus” on the side of boxes that spilled from the trucks. News9’s helicopter pilot and anchor Jim Gardner also fielded an awkward question from co-anchor Lacey Lowery, who wondered allowed: “What’s he carrying there? What’s all over the road?” I think it’s pretty clear!
  2. Video of the collision went viral on social media. A clip of the dildos and lube went viral on Twitter, where it had more than four million views at the time of writing. Plenty of people had some quips and jokes to make about the scene, which thankfully didn’t result in any injuries.
  3. That must have taken a while to clean up! That was quite a spill there, and cleanup will have been a  job for many hands, if you will. Ahem. Sometimes we can all use a laugh!
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