Dill Pickle Cotton Candy Is Here To Change The Snacking Game

Dill Pickle Cotton Candy Is Here To Change The Snacking Game

Dill pickles are having a serious moment right now. They’re in everything from popcorn to vodka and now, they’re even in cotton candy. While it definitely seems like an unconventional snack, the mix of sweet and savory is a classic one and this might just be the ultimate treat for the brave foodie. Would you try it?

It’s spun fresh and created in small batches. That’s according to Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, the creator and seller of dill pickle cotton candy. It’s a treat exclusive to their shop so you won’t be able to get it anywhere else.

You get quite a bit of it. The resealable containers are 1.2 oz., which means you get a pretty decent sized portion of dill pickle cotton candy to enjoy alone or to share with your more adventurous loved ones. However, there’s not so much of it that you’ll feel bad tossing if it you end up thinking it’s totally gross.

For $4.95, it’s worth the gamble. Whether you legitimately feel like this might be a tasty treat for you or you’re buying it as a novelty gift for the dill pickle lover in your life, this cotton candy is super affordable and a lot of fun too. I’m sold!

Apparently, it’s pretty good. While it only has one review on the website, Grandpa Joe’s dill pickle cotton candy is apparently pretty good. The reviewer had only one word for the product, which was “amazing,” and while that’s not necessarily descriptive, it’s at least a little encouraging. Amazingly delicious? Amazingly hilarious to watch people get grossed out when they try it? Amazing that something like this even exists? Use your imagination because this comment is open to interpretation.

So where can you order it? Check out the Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop website for your cotton candy needs (as well as plenty of other pickle novelties). They ship quickly and are apparently pretty solid. Oh, and if you do try this, be sure to let me know how it is.

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