Dill Pickle Margaritas Are Here To Put A Savory Twist On The Classic Cocktail

Summertime = cocktail time, and margaritas are always on the menu, at least at my house. I tend to serve my drinks with plenty of savory snacks like salty mixed nuts, dill pickles, chips, and more. To be honest, I never really considered mixing snacks in with my drinks, but dill pickle margaritas are here to change the game and frankly, I can’t wait to try this.

  1. Putting pickles in alcohol isn’t exactly new. Dill pickle vodka has been available from Urban Distilleries for a while now, so there are definitely some forward-thinkers out there. Plus, duh, Bloody Marys have been around for ages too. However, the difference here is putting them into a margarita, which seems like a weird combo, but in a delicious way.
  2. You don’t need a lot of ingredients for dill pickle margaritas. That’s because they’re not all that different from regular margaritas, save the pickles. If you have some tequila, Triple Sec, juice from limes and lemons, Sweet and Sour mix, and of course pickle juice, you can have some of these made and ready to drink in no time.
  3. You can even buy pre-made pickle mixers. You can get pickle juice pre-canned and ready to pour, if that’s your thing, or you could just pour your own from a jar of pickles. After all, you’ll want to use the dill pickles themselves as garnishes for your margarita, so using the juice from the jar ensures you’re not wasting anything.
  4. Of course, dill pickle margaritas aren’t for everyone. They might be a hard sell to your non-pickle-loving friends at your next party, so you might want to keep some ingredients aside to make the standard cocktail they’ll be used to. However, for more adventurous eaters/drinkers in the bunch, something tells me they’re going to love these. I’m making some ASAP!

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