Diner Disgusted After Finding Chicken Head Inside Box Of KFC Hot Wings

A customer at a UK KFC was horrified after allegedly finding an entire chicken head inside her box of hot wings. A photo of the head, which had eyes and a beak but was surrounded by batter, was uploaded on social media and immediately went viral. It was accompanied by a two-star review on JustEat of the KFC Feltham branch in Twickenham, England.


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  1. The review’s author couldn’t eat the rest of her food. A woman named Gabrielle, who left the review and was the unfortunate finder of the chicken head, said that she couldn’t finish her food following the discovery. “I found a fried chicken head in my hot wings meal,” she wrote. “Put me off the rest of my meal, urgh.”
  2. People’s responses have been mixed. While some were grossed out and wished they had never seen the photo, others joked that “at least you know it’s real [chicken].” Several people even pointed out how important it is that people know what they’re eating and be fully aware of it.
  3. Chicken head is still chicken, right? One commenter pointed out that this shouldn’t really be considered gross since it’s all part of the same animal. “Fried chicken head is still fried chicken in all fairness,” they wrote. “If you eat meat there’s nothing to complain about you’re just faced with the reality of what you’re eating for once.” Another person echoed that comment, adding: “If you can’t handle that your food is a dead animal then you shouldn’t be eating meat.”
  4. KFC is “baffled” as to how something like this could happen. The company told the Sun Online: “We were genuinely surprised by this photo. Since Gabrielle got in touch, we’ve been looking into how it happened. Put simply, we serve real chicken — and we’re proud of that — but this has clearly slipped through the strict processes and checks in place with our suppliers, partners and teams, who freshly prepare everything in our restaurants. It’s true that even the best-laid plans can on rare occasions go awry. And this is an incredibly rare one. It’s one we’ve taken incredibly seriously — already putting further measures in place with our suppliers as well as retraining our teams to prevent it happening again.” They offered Gabrielle some free KFC, which she accepted.

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