Disney Introduced First Ever Plus-Size Heroine In New ‘Reflect’ Trailer

Disney Introduced First Ever Plus-Size Heroine In New ‘Reflect’ Trailer Disney

Disney has introduced it’s first ever plus-size heroine in the trailer for its new short film, “Reflect.” The movie, which is part of the second series of  the company’s “Short Circuit” collection of experimental short films, shows a young girl with a larger body taking part in ballet and dealing with body images and self-confidence. In other words, it’s exactly what many little girls around the world will love to watch.

  1. The heroine in “Reflect” struggles to live up to society’s standards. In the trailer released by Disney, the young dancer stands in front of a mirror in her leotard and tights as the ballet instructor tells her “tight tummy, long neck!” That’s when the mirror she’s looking into breaks, showing just how much these comments can have an affect on one’s self-worth.
  2. The dancer eventually overcomes her doubts. Later in the trailer, the girl finds her confidence and musters the strength to ignore the haters and love her body regardless of what anyone thinks. It’s incredibly inspiring and emotional in the best possible way.
  3. Fans have been loving this new story and can’t praise it enough. “I saw this Disney short called Reflect and it emotionally tore me up, “It’s about a little plus size girl doing ballet and the mirrors start to swallow her up because of her body insecurity but she destroys them by dancing anyway,” one person tweeted. Another added: “This plus size Disney ballet dancer will mean so much to so many people.”
  4. “Reflect” is now available to watch on Disney+. The short film, which was directed by Hillary Bradfield (“Frozen 2,” “Encanto”), was released on the streaming platform on September 14. However, many people are just discovering its existence, so there’s no doubt its popularity will continue to skyrocket over the comin weeks and months. Representation matters, and Disney seems to be prioritizing it. Seeing a plus-size heroine will inspire girls and women everywhere. That’s a wonderful thing.

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