Disney Is Selling A Jack Skellington Cheese Board For Your Halloween Snacks

I’m constantly amazed at the sheer variety of new Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise that’s been coming out lately. Succulent planters featuring our favorite characters from the Tim Burton classic? Yup. A giant, 10-foot inflatable Oogie Boogie? You bet. However, I’m pretty sure I’ve found my personal favorite product yet: a Jack Skellington cheese board* that’s perfect for Halloween snacking.

jack skellington cheese boardshopDisney

Who wouldn’t want to eat off Jack Skellington’s head? For one, it’s shaped like a pumpkin which is perfectly round and rife for piling on cheese, crackers, fruits, etc. Second of all, it’s Jack Skellington and he’s the best. I rest my case.

It comes with all the tools you need for maximum snacking. While the main surface of the cheese board is round and shows Jack Skellington’s smiling face, once you swing the bottom compartment open, you see that Disney has included a “cheese cleaver (for crumbly cheeses), cheese plane (for semi-hard to hard cheese slices), fork-tipped cheese knife, and hard cheese knife/spreader,” according to the product description.

It’s eco-friendly and smartly designed. In addition to being constructed of eco-friendly rubberwood, your Jack Skellington cheese board also happens to have a moated edge to catch any weird fruit juices or brine from cheese, making cleanup a whole lot easier too.

This is definitely going to sell out, so get yours soon. If you simply have to have a Jack Skellington cheese board set of your own for Halloween, you can get yours at the shopDisney site HERE for $44.95. No doubt it’ll be one of the best investments you make and will give you tons of enjoyment for years to come. Enjoy!

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