Do Guys Find Me Attractive? 10 Ways To Know You’re Hot To The Opposite Sex

Everyone finds different things attractive, and many of these qualities have little to do with physical beauty. In other words, just because you don’t have Bella Hadid’s face and Kim Kardashian’s body doesn’t mean that you’re not hot. If you’re still doubting your attractiveness, try watching out for these signs. You might be surprised to discover that you’re way more attractive than you think you are and guys find you smoking hot.

  1. People are constantly staring at you. If people stare when when you walk by, it’s because they’re checking you out. They’re likely doing this because they find you aesthetically pleasing. Some might do a double take when they see you, follow you with their gaze, or sneak glances at you when they think you’re not looking. Something about you just demands their attention.
  2. People are usually extra nice and helpful to you. Have you ever noticed that people give you preferential treatment? Do you get a lot of guys offering to pay for stuff for you or carry your load? Do you seem to get assistance when you need it in different situations? This is probably because you’re an attractive person. Society as a whole rewards attractiveness with extra doses of generosity, grace, friendliness, and kindness that might not be extended to someone who isn’t good looking.
  3. Guys flirt with you when you go out. Attractive people get hit on a lot wherever they go, so if guys are always flirting with you whenever you go to the gym, cafe, club, movies, or bar, you need to stop debating whether you’re hot and start accepting it. They find you very desirable. You just need to work on your self-confidence so you can recognize flirtatious behavior and match their energy.
  4. You get plenty or few compliments. When it comes to compliments, attractive people usually experience two extremes. You either receive a lot of compliments about how gorgeous you are and suggestions like “you should consider modelling.” On the other hand, you also might not get many compliments because people assume you’re used to hearing stuff like that all the time and they don’t want to point out the obvious.
  5. People are caught off guard when you talk about your insecurities. If people are surprised when they realize that you’re shy or not sure how to respond to a compliment, that’s another way of knowing that you’re attractive. We tend to think that attractive people are used to hearing compliments all the time and don’t have physical features to be insecure about. So when you talk about feeling self-conscious of your face or body, they’ll be surprised. You might even be accused of seeking attention.
  6. Guys smile when they notice you. Think about it: when you make eye contact with a cute guy on the street or across the bar, you smile a little, right? It’s like that for most people too, even guys. If you get smiles from random people as you go about your day, it’s probably because they think you’re good looking and are reacting naturally to that.
  7. Making friends is not an issue for you. As a person with social anxiety, interacting with others, especially people I don’t know, is incredibly stressful for me. However, I have tons of friends because I’m an attractive person who people like to associate with. That’s just one of the ways that being pretty benefits you. People will want to be part of your life.
  8. People admire your personality. I am often get told that I’m a very interesting person. Most of the people who meet me always talk about the way I carry myself and the vibe that I give off and how they were drawn to it. I have no idea what they’re talking about a lot of the time, but the energy is there pulling them in. If people are fascinated by you, there’s a good chance they have the hots for you.
  9. Guys act nervous around you. It’s normal for people to feel a little awkward when they’re around someone they’re attracted to. So if you notice that guys tend to scramble for the right words, lose their focus, become shy, or get clumsy when you’re in the room, it’s probably because they think you’re super cute. They might even become a joke machine or act over the top just to make a good impression and grab your attention.
  10. You have an active dating life. Attractive people usually get more than their fair share of lovers. So if you’re constantly in a relationship or being asked on dates, that’s a clear cut sign that you’re attractive to the opposite sex. You don’t have to go on dating websites because people are throwing themselves at you. It’s easy for you to land a date. And even when you’re single, it’s by choice, not because you can’t find someone to go out with.
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