Does This Cat Look More Like Dobby Or Yoda? The Internet Can’t Decide

While I feel like we can all objectively agree that all cats are adorable, this little buddy really takes the cake when it comes to cuteness. The (officially) unnamed cat, who was found as a stray, was receiving treatment at a vet’s office in Salisbury, North Carolina when it was spotted by Jana Aviles, who was working there for the day.

  1. The pictures immediately went viral. Jana shared the images she snapped of the cat, referred to by Jana herself as Yoda Cat, on Facebook on December 15 and it wasn’t long before the pics went viral. Sure, the cat is absolutely adorable, but there was a bigger question on everyone’s mind…
  2. Does she look more like Yoda or Dobby? While many people agreed with Jana that the cat looks like Yoda for sure, others pointed out that she actually bears a close resemblance to Dobby from Harry Potter too, and I have to say, I kind of agree. Sure, the ears point out like Yoda, but the face is all Dobby. Can’t she be a combo of both?
  3. Many people wanted to adopt her. With a face like that, it makes sense that the response to Jana’s post would be overwhelming. However, Yoda Cat is only one kitty meaning only one lucky person can take her home, and while Jana was appreciative of the overwhelming response her post received, she also used it as an opportunity to spread an important message about adoption.
  4. There are so many other kitties out there who need a forever home. If you would love to adopt Yoda Cat but can’t, Jana points out that there are a whopping 70 million stray cats in the US alone, meaning there are plenty in shelters that would love to come keep you company. “4 MILLION cats are brought into animal control facilities each year, and 1.4 MILLION of those cats are euthanized each year due to lack of homes. Everyone please check your local shelters,” she wrote in a December 17 follow-up. “I guarantee you that your new best friend is waiting for you as I type this. Yoda cat may look cool, but looks aren’t everything. If you adopt a new pet because of this post, please comment their picture here and encourage others to adopt too.”
  5. I still think she’s more of a Dobby. She might end up with the name Yoda, but in my heart, she’ll forever be that precious little house elf named Dobby.
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