Doctor Warns You Should Never Eat In Bed For This Horrifying Reason

Having a snack in bed in the evening may not seem like a big deal. In fact, it’s pretty relaxing to get your PJs on, put Netflix on, and eat a huge bowl of chips or M&M’s or whatever. However, a Singapore-based doctor who goes by GP Samuel on TikTok has warned against doing this ever again, and his reason why is pretty horrifying.

So, what’s the problem? Cockroaches, apparently. “Do you like eating in bed?” Samuel asks in the now-viral clip. “Well, I’ve got news for you.” He then goes on to share that he once read a case study about a 24-year-old Chinese guy who always had a snack in bed and left the packets near his bedside. Then, one night he felt a really sharp pain in his ear and immediately went to see a doctor.

There, a doctor reportedly found a cockroach and 10 baby cockroaches nesting in his ear canal, where they were “crawling and scratching” and “causing a lot of discomfort.” Uh, talk about terrifying!


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Samuel went on t admit that instances like that are extremely rare, but “can happen to anyone in different countries.” That’s because the human ear is “attractive” to roaches, entomologist Coby Schal told The Verge. That’s because our ears give off a smell they really like, which is extra gross. They love the scent of our ear wax, so they’re keen to climb in and get a taste.

Samuel then showed a clip of hydrogen peroxide being used in someone’s ear to get a cockroach out, though he told viewers never to insert anything in the ear to try and remove the bug themselves because “you may end up doing more harm to yourself than the insect.”

Welp, that’s pretty much me done eating in bed forever. I’ve never seen a roach in my current house, but I’m not taking any chances!

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