Does Chivalry Exist? One In Three Women Say No

If you’re a hopeless romantic (or even just a vague romantic), finding a guy who’s into gestures like holding doors, pulling out chairs, or even walking to your door to pick you up instead of texting from the car is no small feat. It feels like chivalry is totally dead sometimes—and one in three women would agree, according to a new study.

A survey of over 1,000 people by home improvement company Porch revealed that roughly 33% of women believe that dudes just aren’t down with chivalry, while guys rated their skills a bit higher: only one in five men believe that chivalry is nowhere to be found. Of course, there’s one major caveat: the people who said that manners have gone extinct tended to be older—77.4% of millennials still believe in it, but that number dwindles to 68.7% amongst baby boomers.

The survey also dug into ideas on who should pay on a date, with 69% of millennials believing that the person who suggested the date should pony up for the check. Meanwhile, 13.9% believed that both parties should pay for themselves and strangely, 8.7% believe the person who was invited out on the date should pick up the tab. Strange, but OK! (For reference, the baby boomers were a bit more old-fashioned with their beliefs, with 84.7% believing that the asker should be reaching for the check at the end of the night.)

While obviously these ideas aren’t true across the board and vary according to age, gender, and likely factors like where you live and what you do for a living, it’s interesting to know just how cynical older generations are about modern romance and how, generally speaking, millennials are a bit more positive with their outlooks on love. Maybe chivalry does exist and if you’re not finding it, you’re dating the wrong guys? Hey, it’s just a suggestion.

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