Does He Really Love Me Or Is He Just Saying It Out Of Obligation?

When your feelings for a guy are so strong that you can’t help but blurt out “I love you,” it’s a relief (and butterfly-inducing) when he actually says it back. However, it’s normal to wonder if he actually feels that way or is only saying it because you did. Before you drive yourself crazy with the “Does he really love me?” doubts, look for these signs that what he says is genuine.

He doesn’t just say it during sex. This is key! Can a guy really love you if he only says it when a) you’re having sex b) you just had sex or c) he thinks sex is on the table? Probably not. If he really means it, he’ll tell you at other, random times like when you’re making dinner together or driving to the grocery store. It’s those little moments that you realize how much you care about someone anyway, right?

He says it first. Generally speaking, if he comes out with it first (and he doesn’t stand to gain anything by saying it), then the chances are pretty high that the love he says he has for you is legit. It’s even better if it comes out during one of those aforementioned random moments. It’s just so cute and heartwarming that it makes you want to melt.

His kisses are long and romantic. Again, this is with the understanding that this is not about sex at all and he’s not kissing you because he thinks it’ll eventually lead to bed. A guy who can kiss you for the sake of it and who takes pleasure in connecting in that way is one who truly wants to be close to you and really cares about you, not one who’s full of crap (at least you hope).

He holds your hands. A good way to show someone you love them is by showing them physical affection in addition to saying the words. If he loves holding your hands and being physically close to you, whether by cuddling in bed, putting his arm around you while you watch TV on the couch, or kissing your forehead at random moments, that’s a pretty good indication about his feelings for you.

You can see his sincerity in his eyes. At the end of the day, you have to trust your gut here. The easiest way to tell if he loves you is by paying attention. You can look into his eyes and see if he’s being genuine. Listen to your intuition – it rarely leads you astray.

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