If He Does These 9 Things, He Wants To Marry You

No one wants to be a nag, but if marriage is something you want in your future, it’s only natural that you’d start to wonder if it’ll happen for you as you get further into a relationship. So does he want to marry you? Here are 9 signs the answer is yes.

  1. You’ve met his friends.I’m talking about all his friends. Even the kind that he swears he’s nothing like but oddly finds himself spending plenty of time with. If your guy can be that vulnerable with you, showing you the good and questionable sides of himself, that’s a good sign he sees a future with you.
  2. You’ve met all his family.Again, I’m not just talking about siblings or parents. When you’re in love, you want to show your partner off to your family, including that weird aunt or your great grandma. It’s the same for men. If he sees you as his future wife, he’s going to want everyone to know it. Plus, you learn a lot about your boyfriend from meeting his family. If he’s open to this, then you’re obviously something special.
  3. He introduces you to everyone he bumps into.If he knows he’s not all that serious about you, he won’t introduce you to certain people in his life, especially his boss or mentor. On the flip side, if he’s interested in wifing you up, he won’t hesitate to introduce you as his girlfriend
  4. He invites you to work events.Work is a pretty big part of our lives. We spend more waking hours there than anywhere else. If your boyfriend introduces you to his co-workers, that means he’s so confident in what you have going on that he doesn’t mind being asked about you on a regular basis. No one likes to explain that they broke up with an ex over and over to different co-workers. If you’re a permanent plus-one to his work engagements, he’s in it for the long haul.
  5. He invites you to religious events.For those of you who are religious, you understand how important this is. A man that wants to connect with you on a spiritual level is looking at you as wife material. Most people guard the spiritual part of themselves. If he tells you about what his beliefs mean to him and wants to share them with you, he’s seeing marriage (and possibly kids!) in your future.
  6. He’s told you about his secret dreams.Even the most emotionally vulnerable man will hide his dreams. It’s an ego thing. Men often feel such a self-inflicted pressure to be successful. If he tells you what his goals are then he trusts you in a way he trusts very few people. After all, no one wants to fail in public. Feeling comfortable enough to open up about the big things he wants to do in life is a rare and precious thing.
  7. He talks about the future like you’ll still be together.Whether it’s making plans for a concert in three months or a vacation next year, those little comments are everything because they slip out unconsciously. If your guy constantly makes little comments like this, then he’s already decided on a future with you. Men can be just as complicated as women and aren’t often direct with their feelings. However, talking about your future together means he wants one, and that’s guaranteed.
  8. He brags to other people about how great you are.This is the type of thing you hear from a girlfriend or overhear from across the room. If your boyfriend tells other people about how awesome you are 24/7, you’re doing something right both in and out of the bedroom. Men are notoriously quiet about their feelings. How many times have you heard, “She’s a cool chick”? That’s not the type of thing to get excited about, but if the tells anyone that you’re a great person, that you have a great heart, or that he likes spending time with you? Girl, you’re winning!  We all love to brag about relationships that are going well.
  9. He tells you how lucky he is to have you.Again, most men won’t just come out and say that they see a future with you. I don’t know what it is that makes it so hard for them. It could be the pressure to be providers when they get married or the fear of making the right decision. Whatever the reason, when a man tells you to your face that he’s lucky to have you, that could be his way of saying, “I’m not ready to get down on one knee but I will be soon!” Let me stress this, ladies: these signs will key you in on a new relationship. Once you’re a few years in, he should come out and say it. If he doesn’t, it’s probably not meant to be.
Hannah is a twenty-something-year-old freelance writer, obsessed with reality TV, and all things sweet.