Dog Finds Risque Toy On Her Walk And Owners Are Horrified She Won’t Let Go

All dogs love going on walkies, but what they love even more is when they happen to find an amazing new toy while they’re out and about. Whether it’s a giant stick or a discarded tennis ball, many dogs love carrying their prizes along with them just for fun. And why shouldn’t they? Well, if it happens to be a risque toy, there might be a problem…

It all started so innocently! Lissa Cross, from Ashburton, New Zealand, was out walking her Staffordshire Mastiff Huni like she always does. There they were, strolling along and having a lovely day… when Huni suddenly disappeared in the overgrowth.

There was something rather interesting there… Huni had found herself a rather X-rated toy in the underbrush and she was rather pleased about it. “‘Houston we have a problem,'” Cross wrote on Facebook. “The dog found herself a new chew toy at the river and refuses to give it up!! How the hell do I make her understand this one and seriously WTF Ashburton.”

Huni wouldn’t let go of the toy for an hour. As she told The Herald, “Well, let’s just say an hour later after multiple sticks, branches, and stones, the arrival of another car saved the day.” Luckily, they didn’t run into anyone else, saying “no words would have explained” Huni’s new toy and that she struggled to get the toy from Huni’s “vice-like jaws.”

Who just drops something like this outside? I mean, even presuming you didn’t want it anymore, you would dispose of it discretely, wouldn’t you? Put in in a black bag in an actual garbage can rather than just tossing it on the ground? Obviously it’s doubtful they’ll ever find the rightful owner of Huni’s new favorite toy, but maybe they’ll see this story and think twice about how they throw away their sex toys in future.

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