Dog Loft Beds Are Perfect For Pooches Who Hog All The Space On Your Mattress Amazon

Dog Loft Beds Are Perfect For Pooches Who Hog All The Space On Your Mattress

If your dog is anything like mine, chances are they hog the whole mattress despite the fact that it’s your bed, not theirs. If this is the case with your pooch, you might consider getting them their own dog loft bed* to sleep in so that they’re close to you but you can actually get in and get comfortable. Not only will it solve a major problem, it’ll make your living space look cute, to boot.

They come in all sorts of styles. Whether you’re looking for wood paneling that looks like it belongs in a log cabin or something more modern and classic like a white painted version, there are so many different dog loft beds to choose from. There are even some that can go outside during the day for the ultimate comfy experience for your pup.

Dog loft beds let your dog stay close to you. At the end of the day, our animals just want to be near us, which is why so many of them love squishing into bed with us. If you have a smaller bed or you simply can’t get a good night’s rest with your dog in with you, getting them their own loft bed makes sure they can stay close and comfortable while allowing you some much-needed R&R.

Of course, they don’t come cheap. While this little mini bunk bed house situation is totally adorable and won’t take up too much room, it will likely cost you a decent amount of cash. On Amazon, dog loft beds run anywhere from $80 to about $200 depending on what style you’re after. Of course, if you’re handy with tools and know a bit of carpentry, you could always make your own!

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