Dog Owner Cuts Holes In Fence So Her Pups Can Watch For Her To Come Home

An Australian woman has warmed hearts around the world after sharing a video of a home improvement hack she put in place for her two dogs. TikTok user @liltroubless cut eye and snout holes in her fence so that her four-legged friends could watch for her to come home. It looks like it’s working a treat, too!

  1. Dogs are always so excited when their owners come home. After your pup has been without you for up to eight hours a day, it only makes sense that they’ll be over the moon that you’ve actually come home to give them love, cuddles, and probably food too. I live for that excited greeting at the end of every day!
  2. The video shows the sweetest homecoming ever. In the 11-second clip, the woman pulls her car into the driveway and a pair of eyes and a snout appears in one set of holes, with the other set filling up not long after. The driver laughs and says hi to the pups before completely collapsing into laughter. It’s certainly a hilarious sight!
  3. Everyone loves this! Anyone who loves animals will see the simple joy and genius of this move. Not only would it make passers-by crack up if they saw it, but it’s also just super sweet to allow your doggos to keep an eye out for your return. Why did it take so long to come up with this idea?!
  4. Sadly, I won’t be able to do this with my fence. I have a smaller dog who loves to bark when people go by, so this would be a nightmare! Also, our yard is in the back of the house doesn’t show the driveway, so it wouldn’t really work anyway. However, I absolutely love this idea and would love to do this!!
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