Frank’s RedHot Is Selling A Bloody Mary That’s Ready To Drink Right From The Can

Frank’s RedHot is best known as a hot sauce brand that you probably already use in everything from your wing recipes to your homemade bloody mary. The latter is one of my favorite uses, but I like knowing that I no longer have to buy all the different ingredients to make the classic cocktail and can instead buy ready-made Frank’s RedHot Bloody Mary in a can.

It’s hot but not too hot. The brand describes Frank’s RedHot Bloody Mary as a “flavored malt beverage with natural flavors and artificial colors” with a 5.5% ABV and a medium heat. That means if you have an actual bottle of the brand’s hot sauce nearby, you’ll probably want to add a few shakes if you’re someone who likes your bloody mary extra spicy.

How have I never heard of this before? Considering the fact that the drink has its own website and extensive reviews on Untappd, it’s clear that this isn’t a new product, so how on earth have I never heard about it before? I would have bought it a long time ago if only I’d known of its existence.

These would go great with pickles. If you’re a savory snack fan like me, you might want to keep some Frank’s RedHot Bloody Mary cans in your fridge along with a jar or two of dill pickles to enjoy as an evening (or even an afternoon) snack. The two salty, slightly sour treats would go perfectly together (and I see at least one Instagrammer agrees with me, thank goodness).

You can pick yours up at your local liquor store. While I haven’t seen these in my own local shops, that’s probably because I haven’t been looking for them! Frank’s RedHot Bloody Mary should be available wherever alcohol is sold. Apparently they even sell four-packs in Walmart! Go forth and drink well!

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