Klondike Has A New Coffee Donut-Inspired Ice Cream Bar That Will Be Your New Favorite Dessert

Klondike Has A New Coffee Donut-Inspired Ice Cream Bar That Will Be Your New Favorite Dessert Klondike

Just because it’s the middle of winter doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some ice cream. After all, it’s probably warm in your house and nothing quite cheers you up like a frozen treat sometimes, right? The next time you’re looking for dessert, you might be interested to know that Klondike is releasing Wake Me Up Coffee-flavored Donut ice cream bars that look way too delicious for their own good.

  1. The coffee-flavored bar is the latest in Klondike’s donut-inspired range. They previously released Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate, and Frosted Strawberry flavors in the like, but Wake Me Up Coffee just might be my favorite yet since I’m pretty obsessed with coffee. Plus, coffee and donuts to together like, well, coffee and donuts, I guess!
  2. The coffee game is real here. Klondike’s bar has a hole in the middle to make it look more like an actual donut and it’s filled with 100% Arabica Colombian coffee-flavored ice cream. Then it’s covered in their standard dark chocolate shell with a drizzle of white chocolate on it for good measure. Ugh, I could eat one (or an entire box!) right now!
  3. They’re available at all Klondike retailers this month. While there’s no specific date for their release, Klondike confirmed that the Coffee Donut-inspired bars are out at grocery stores and other retailers nationwide in January 2021, so they may already be at your local store! If they’re not there yet, they will be soon, so keep an eye out.
  4. If this flavor isn’t for you, make sure to try one of the others. The donut-inspired line in particular is extra delicious. However, even the originals are a total classic and definitely a good option for a tasty dessert or a snack when you just want something sweet, cold, and yummy.
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