Hilariously Evil Genius Hides Shark Statue At Bottom Of Lake To Terrify Divers

A hilarious prankster with a sick sense of humor has been terrifying divers for years by hiding a huge statue of a vicious great white shark at the bottom of a lake. The scary sight is at the bottom of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland, and while it’s unclear exactly how it got there, it’s clearly been freaking people out!

The shark was likely a movie prop

The true story of where the scary shark — which was first spotted all the way back in 2002 — came from isn’t actually known. However, that hasn’t stopped internet sleuths from doing some digging.

According to many Redditors, they believe the shark was probably used as a prop from the movie “Choc au Lac!” that was produced by La Jeunesse de la Cote.

Divers love the shark, that’s for sure

Ever since it was discovered, divers have been taking special trips to Lake Neuchâtel just to see the shark statue up close and personal.

The 20-foot-long statue is made of fiberglass and its most terrifying feature is the humungous open mouth full of very sharp, pointy teeth. It’s definitely not an animal you’d want to encounter in the wild!

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Needless to say, many people will be staying away from the lake

After clips of the statue appeared online, many people admitted it was enough to keep them away from the Swiss lake for life.

“There’s no way I’d stay there if I was that guy, if I saw that, I would be using the power of Poseidon to boost me up from the water,” one person commented on a clip of divers swimming close to the inanimate shark.

Another joked, “I can’t tell if I want to shake the hand of whoever made it or run away from them.”

Would you go anywhere near this thing?!

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