Man Gets Knocked Out Cold In Taco Bell After Swinging For Worker

A man who decided to cause trouble at a Welsh Taco Bell ended up on the floor unconscious after he was knocked out cold. Footage from the incident at the Swansea branch of the restaurant taken on Monday shows an aggressive man lunging at a worker but ending up motionless on the floor.

  1. It’s unclear what the man’s problem was. However, the clip shows him shouting at workers and being overly aggressive. Another man attempted to hold him back, but the man pulled delivery bags off a table before lunging at one of the employees and trying to punch him.
  2. The worker saw him coming. The Taco Bell worker saw the man coming and picked him up, throwing him over his shoulder. However, he then drops the man onto the floor head first as customers looked on. The man who initially launched the attack then lays motionless on the floor.
  3. Other customers were horrified. The man who was initially trying to hold the aggressive one back shouts for someone to call the police and the injured man can be seen with blood coming out of his head. Police were called, but the men left before officers got there.
  4. The Taco Bell employee isn’t being held responsible for what happened. A spokesperson for the chain said in a statement: “We are aware of the incident that recently occurred in our Swansea restaurant. The restaurant franchisee has fully cooperated with the police and no further action will be taken. We take the safety and wellbeing of our team and customers very seriously and do not tolerate any form of abuse in our restaurants and wider business.”

There were no reports of any serious injuries, but it seems likely the man who fell has a concussion to say the least.

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