Cheating Mom Shoves Rival To Ground To Win Race At Daughter’s School

A rude mom has gone viral for cheating in a race at her daughter’s school by shoving a rival parent to the ground so that she could win. Katie McDermott, 25, was participating in her daughter’s school sports day and would stop at nothing to come out on top. “I told my daughter I would be number one, so I had to be!” she told SWNS (via NY Post).

The race started out innocently enough. The moms and kids ran back and forth on a grass track and everyone was playing nice. However, soon McDermott began to fall behind on the final stretch, she decided she had to do something.

McDermott gave the other mom a hard shove. The other parent immediately fell face down on the ground and McDermott took the win. “I could see she was winning – so I just gave her a quick nudge and she took off in the air,” McDermott recalled. “I don’t know what possessed me to do it, I was just thinking about how I wanted to win so badly!”

She didn’t actually know the other mom very well. That made the situation somewhat awkward, and McDermott admits that everyone was “shocked” but that they “carried on as normal afterwards.” How the other mom didn’t confront her is a miracle, but it seems she at least wanted to set a better example for her own child.

McDermott did eventually apologize. However, it was a tongue-in-cheek apology and she doesn’t actually feel sorry at all. “If you see this, sorry that I pushed you – I didn’t mean to send you flying!” she said. “I don’t regret it though, because I won!”

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