Having A Dog With Your Partner Makes Your Relationship Stronger, Science Says

Dogs make our lives better all-around. They keep us company, get us out into the world around us when we’d rather be lazy and stay on the couch, and love us unconditionally as part of our families. Turns out, they also have an amazing effect on our romantic relationships too.

  1. Couples with dogs are 60% happier than those without. That’s according to new research by Rover.com, which found that dog owners’ relationships got stronger after they got the pooch. Given how much responsibility it takes to look after a puppy or even an adult dog, it requires a lot of teamwork (88% agree with that!) and trust (65% agree!), which also means increased bonding. In other words, this makes so much sense.
  2. Dog-owning couples spend more quality time together too. Half of the respondents reported spending way more time with their partner after getting a dog. Whether that’s because they’re going on walks together or even lounging on the couch with their pooch, dogs bring people together.
  3. When’s the right time to get a dog? About 33% of respondents said they were in a relationship for about six years before they decided to take the plunge on adding a dog to their family, and 28% agreed that doing so is a major commitment. After all, dogs can live for 15+ years depending on the breed, so you have to be sure you’re all-in.
  4. Dogs increase attraction in some relationships. Roughly 43% of people said that getting a dog with their partner made them more attracted to their S.O. for some reason. I guess it’s pretty adorable to see your partner cuddled up with an equally cute dog!
  5. Not liking dogs is a dealbreaker. Of the British respondents to the survey, 36% admitted they would consider it a dealbreaker if their partner wasn’t into dogs, and frankly, I agree. I don’t know what I’d do without my pup and I don’t trust people who don’t love animals, so I’m on board with this assessment.
  6. Bottom line: dogs are the best. That’s really all that needs to be said here, right? Right.
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