A Beautiful, Women-Only Hotel Has Opened In Spain, So Pack Your Bags!

A Beautiful, Women-Only Hotel Has Opened In Spain, So Pack Your Bags!

Guys are great and all, but sometimes you just want to get as far away from them as possible and bask in the company of your fellow women. When that happens, you don’t have much choice besides staying in the comfort of your own home… until now. A new hotel has opened in Spain that’s blissfully women-only.

som dona hotelSom Dona

It’s called the Som Dona and it’s on the Spanish island of Mallorca. The hotel, whose name aptly translates to “we are women,” opened its doors on June 14 to women and female teenagers in what is considered to be the first accommodation of its kind in the country, though similar hotels already exist in countries including Japan and Germany.

It has everything you need for a great getaway. Som Dona offers massages, beauty treatments, and even trips out to notable locations in the nearby area if you’re the more adventurous type. While lots of hotels offer services like this, knowing that you’ll only be with other women is a pretty relaxing thought.

This has been carefully planned out for optimum enjoyment. In a statement provided to USA Today, Som Hotels CEO Joan Enric Capellà revealed that Som Dona’s rooms and common spaces had been meticulously conceived to provide every possible comfort to women on holiday in the Mediterranean. “All rooms at this Porto Cristo location have an innovative artistic concept, and are large, well-lighted, with beautiful views to the forest,” he explained. “Every single detail here is women-oriented: from rooms to the outdoor pool, to the restaurant or to the rooftop bar.”

Women-only spaces are in demand at the moment. There are already women-only gyms and even workspaces, so why not a hotel? “Women seek wanderlust destinations and are driven by healthy lifestyle habits (mind, body and soul care) while socializing with other women,” Capellà said. “We want to go further and make every experience unique, by matching our customer needs.”

Som Dona isn’t just pandering to a specific demographic—it’s open to all women. As Capellà explained, “All kinds of women are welcome regardless of sexual orientation, beliefs or age (+14). We are targeting singles, couples, mothers with daughters, businesswomen and incentive groups, friends and relatives, and all kinds of leisure-related groups.”

It’s not that expensive to stay there. Depending on what time of year you head to Porto Cristo, you can stay at Som Dona for as little as $64 a night. Given the gorgeous premises as well as the beautiful scenery on Mallorca, that’s an absolute steal.

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