Domino’s Customer Horrified To Find Metal Nuts And Bolts Baked Into Pizza Toppings

A customer at a Domino’s in the UK was left horrified after discovering metal nuts and bolts had been baked into her pizza toppings. The unnamed woman ordered from a branch in Thornton-Cleveleys in Lancashire and had eaten nearly half of the pie when she noticed the additional unwelcome toppings, Lancashire Live reports. While they refunded her a few days after the incident, she also uploaded photos online to warn others to “check your pizzas.”

  1. This is a very serious issue. When the woman uploaded the photo to social media, she tagged local media and the food safety agency to make them aware of her experience. “PLEASE PLEASE double check your pizzas before eating I’d hate if I or anyone ingested these!! Be careful when ordering from Domino’s Pizza at the Thornton-Cleveleys branch on Fleetwood Rd North,” she wrote. “Serious choking hazard and health and safety issue here sort yourselfs Domino’s Pizza. Please please share, I’d hate if this was a more serious matter for someone else.”
  2. Domino’s has apologized for the incident. While it seems unfathomable that nuts and bolts could magically make their way into pizza or that no one would have noticed, Domino’s offered no explanation other than to say they were sorry and had talked to the branch in question.
  3. The company is serious about customer satisfaction. As Domino’s said in its public statement: “At Domino’s we take customer satisfaction and safety extremely seriously – contamination of this nature is extremely rare. As soon as we received Ms. Barton’s complaint in July we apologized for the distress caused and thoroughly investigated at a store level. We swiftly offered Ms. Barton a full refund which she accepted at the time. We have reminded our store team of the correct process to avoid any future issues of this nature.”
  4. Thankfully, this isn’t something that happens often. However, it does make you think twice about ordering out. Who knows what people could be doing to your food?! This is why I cook at home!
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