Donald Trump Announces He’ll Run For President In 2024

Donald Trump has announced he’ll run for president in 2024. The twice-impeached former president, who’s currently subject to federal investigation as well as several lawsuits around the United States, hopes to take the highest office in the land again in less than two years. Whether or not he’ll be successful is another matter altogether.

  1. He’s running on the same platform he did back in 2016. Nothing has changed for Donald Trump, and in 2024, he’s still aiming to “make America Great again.” As he said in his announcement speech, per The Guardian: “In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States.” Trump made the announcement from the ballroom of Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.
  2. Trump thinks he can beat Joe Biden in 2024. While it’s somewhat debatable whether or not Biden should get a second term, it seems pretty clear to many that Trump certainly shouldn’t. However, he vowed: “America’s golden age is just ahead.”
  3. He picked his timing well. Things aren’t looking all that great for Republicans in America at the moment. They expected a “red wave” during the mid-term elections that would allow them to take control of the Senate. Instead, they lost the senate and have a tiny majority in the house. The Republican party needs a revamp, STAT. Could Donald Trump as its 2024 presidential candidate be that revamp? Or, will Florida governor Ron DeSantis come forward?
  4. Trump believes he’s the only one who could win for the Republicans come election time. “This is not a task for a politician or a conventional candidate. This is a task for a great movement,” he said.
  5. Will his legal troubles keep him out of office? Anyone subject to a criminal investigation surely can’t hold political office, and certainly not that of president, right? However, Trump insists that he’s a “victim” and that he shouldn’t be stopped on his “quest to save our country.”
  6. What will save America? In Trump’s mind, there are a few things on his “national greatness agenda.” That includes continuing to bar transgender athletes from competing, protecting “paternal rights,” and giving drug dealers the death penalty.

Who can say what will happen in just a couple of years?

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