Donald Trump Jr. Slammed For Sharing Meme Showing His Father Attacking Joe Biden

While Donald Trump Jr. has never been one to showcase good judgment or even a basic level of human compassion and consideration, his most recent move is causing quite the backlash. After President Joe Biden fell three times on the stairs going up to Air Force One this week, Trump Jr. thought it would be hilarious to repost a Twitter meme showing that it wasn’t high winds that caused Biden to be unstable on the stairs, but rather his father, disgraced former president Donald Trump, hitting a golf ball into the back of Biden’s head.

  1. The footage of Biden’s fall have been everywhere. While we can all appreciate a stumble here and there – I even laugh at myself when I trip over something – given Biden’s age, my first thought was whether or not he was okay. He was, and there was a bit of humor to it, but some Republicans have taken a particular sense of schadenfreude in it that crosses over into being meanspirited.
  2. Donald Trump Jr. decided to wade into the discussion. There have been tons of memes going around about Biden’s fall, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Donald Trump Jr. decided to share one of them on his Twitter page. This particular meme showed his father teeing off at a golf course – pretty familiar since that’s all he did for his entire four years in office – and the golf ball hitting Biden in the back of the head, causing his fall.
  3. The meme isn’t even funny. While I’m not all that uptight and get that opposition political parties have been making memes about the person in power for ages, given Trump’s history, this just seems in bad taste. Of course, you’d expect nothing less from this family, but still…
  4. People were NOT happy with Trump Jr’s attempt at “humor.” While a White House spokesperson said that the high winds contributed to Biden’s fall, Trump Jr. shared the meme claiming “it wasn’t the wind, folks.” One person described him as “classless as usual” while others were pointing out Biden’s successes in only a few months in office in comparison to Donald Trump’s failures. Looks like Biden is going to get the last laugh.

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